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Borneo : The Journey


Elisa Pangjang’s pivotal research with the Danau Girang Field Centre in Malaysia led to breakthrough findings about the behavior and ecology of Sunda pangolins. Panjang elevates pangolin conservation awareness through her numerous initiatives, including extensive education outreach. Her work was recognized internationally when she received the Wildlife Warrior Award in 2017 from the Houston Zoo. To further her mission, Elisa founded the non-governmental organization, Pangolin Aware, dedicated to sustaining her work on pangolin conservation. Her research project leveraging whole genome sequence data from wild Sunda pangolins to address vital questions regarding their population viability and the ecological threats they face. She aims to develop empirical frameworks and tools to combat illegal wildlife trade. She also plans to model the landscape genetic connectivity of Sunda pangolins in Borneo. Beyond her scientific and conservation pursuits, Panjang enjoys listening to people's stories and writing, often incorporating these interests into her work.




A focus on human wildlife conflict issues in Asia. Principal focus will be on two areas - Seratu Aatai which concentrates on human-elephant conflict, and BORA which is dedicated to the prevention of extinction of wild animals in Malaysia and ecosystem restoration.



In 2008, Charlie Ryan embarked on a trip to Borneo, initially working on community conservation projects. A seasoned professional in the realm of photography, Charlie Ryan captures the essence of Borneo’s wildlife through his lens, while also contributing to the realm of tourism. Amidst his profound affection for every facet of Borneo, it’s the enigmatic clouded leopard and its feline companions that truly pique his curiosity. Charlie’s work has been published in National Geographic, BBC, and Netflix.


Chris is an accomplished photographer, who has documented humans working in extreme locations like the North & South Poles, Everest, Papua New Guinea, DR Congo and the edge of space (aboard a U-2 Spy Plane). He’s also had the opportunity to photograph many global leaders, including as the photographer for the 14th Dalai Lama. As the Artist-in-Residence at the National Academies, he’s photographed some of the nation’s most accomplished scientists, from Astronauts to Nobel laureates.


At the front of NWS, our Founder & CEO Will Bolsover frequently heads out on recce trips. Some destinations he knows well from years of experience but regularly revisits to connect with specialists in the region; scientists, naturalists, and some of the best adventure guides in the world. In other destinations these trips pioneer the way, exploring to the very end of the road to untangle the complexity of travel in new, and often seldom visited regions.

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