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2 Days
Small Group Safari
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2 Days £89500 2024/2025 Svalbard Small Group Safari
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About this trip

Coming in 2024 or 2025, you have an incredible opportunity to join the first-ever hybrid airship expedition to land at the North Pole. This will be a 36hour journey to one of the most inaccessible places on Earth, and all onboard a revolutionary airship.
Large-scale hybrid airships offer an alternative to fossil-fuelled aviation and gives the most energy-saving potential in aviation in the near future. Hybrid airships can save an excess of 90% of the energy used and the remaining 10% energy can fairly easily be non-fossil. They don’t need runways, they only need an open, relatively flat space to take off and land. In the future, this technology offers the opportunity for undeveloped regions to develop transport systems without the footprint or leadtime of construction infrastructure.
It truly is exciting times for sustainable travel.
Starting from Svalbard at 90 degrees north, our route and altitude will depend on the weather conditions and favourable tailwinds. You will travel to the North Pole without a footprint, without a mark in the snow, without interference with nature. We aim to take the most scenic route northbound from Svalbard, flying over icebergs towards one of the most remote places on the planet. A quiet visit with unprecedented views from the panorama windows at an altitude low enough for wildlife spotting. Once landed on the North Pole, we explore the landscape and terrain with our guide. Our Expedition leader, Robert Swan, will inform us about the climate and nature of the Arctic region and the ever-changing environment of the geographical North Pole. Robert Swan is the first man in history to walk both the North and South Poles. In January 2018, Rob and his son Barney completed the first-ever expedition to the South Pole powered solely by clean energy technologies.

What makes this trip extraordinary

  • Travel in a large-scale hybrid airship
  • Join expedition leader, Robert Swan, the first man in history to walk both the North and South Poles
  • Visit one of the most remote places on the planet

Embedded Video Overview

A 36 hour set departure - from $104,715 per person sharing, excluding international flights.

Day by day

Day by day

Days 1-2

Svalbard - North Pole - Svalbard

With the official destination registered as ‘The North Pole’, you will board the Airlander 10 for your 36 hour journey to and from the North Pole. Taking off from Svalbard at approximately 1800 in the evening, there will be an airborne cocktail followed by dinner and an introduction in the evening.

OceanSky flies at altitudes of up to 6,000ft (approx 2000m) and therefore there is no need for a pressurized cabin. It will normally fly between 1,000ft and 3,000ft, and the only reason to climb higher is to catch a more favourable wind, as the wind turns clockwise when ascending. Ideally we will be flying ‘low and slow’ so our guests can enjoy the view better. The lower the better, maybe even as low as 300 feet, equivalent to being on the 25th floor of a high-rise building.

We will be cruising at airspeeds between 20kts (37km/h) and 60kts (110km/h), but normal cruise speed is calculated to 50kts (91km/h). Again, we will take it slow and easy, for a soft, quiet and smooth flight.

At 07:00 the next morning it’s time for breakfast and we will land 09:00. After a safety briefing, we will head outside for outdoor activities and a polar lunch in the snow at noon. We will learn how to survive in the Polar Regions and how the Polar pioneers learned how to endure the harsh conditions of Arctic and managed to reach their goals. We will be told the stories of these pioneers, why they did it, how they did it and how you can survive in the most challenging climate on earth. We will expect to take-off again at 15:00, so it will be six hours at the North Pole.

On the way back we will maximise the wildlife spotting opportunities - we will offer a helicopter perspective from 300 meters with views from panorama windows, to view the migration of the Arctic wildlife. Dinner follows and we will finish the evening with a cocktail and an Arctic expedition lecture.


On this itinerary, there will be 2 nights on-board for the flight from Svalbard to the North Pole and back to Svalbard.

Passengers on the Airlander 10 can enjoy luxurious, private en-suite bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as horizon-to-horizon views in the aircraft’s Infinity Lounge. The Altitude Bar will offer drinks with the ultimate view, and guests can enjoy fine dining in the skies.

There are 8 cabins onboard, a maximum of 16 guests.

Price is per person, sharing one cabin for 2 passengers. 

Images courtesy of HAV and Design Q

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