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9 Days
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Sep 2022
Small Group Safari
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9 Days £6800 Sep 2022 Greenland Small Group Safari
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The Great East of Greenland

Discover the vast beauty of Greenland including the world's largest fjord aboard MS Polarfront. Where tapered peaks straddle shimmering snow banks, and palettes of colour blanket the skies during the summer months, the world's largest island offers a feast for the eyes under the polar sun. Sail alongside some of the Arctic's most colossal icebergs and through the calm waters of Turner Sound and Rømer Fjord. Cruise these waters in zodiacs to the foot of vertiginous cliffs at Viking Bay and unearth the history of long-abandoned Inuit settlements for incredible discoveries of arctic lifestyles. Hike through the valleys, over the fjords, in search of Arctic fox, polar bears, reindeer, and muskox. Encompass the spirit of adventure as you traverse the red rocky slopes of Røde Ø, the red island, formed from beautiful red sandstone, a great contrast to the vast blue and white icebergs which float silently below.

What makes this trip extraordinary?

  • Visit the Bjorne Islands, also known as the Bear Islands, which remain uninhabited with occasional sights of majestic polar bears
  • From mid-August onwards, bathe your eyes beneath the awe-inspiring northern lights, which light up the starry nights.
  • Enjoy thrilling Zodiac cruises to the largest glaciers in the world
  • Trek along the red slopes of Røde Ø, the red island, and relinquish in unfathomable natural beauty
  • Visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the largest inhabited village in Scoresby Sund and learn about the arctic lifestyle

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A 9-day expedition wilderness exploration - from $8,092 per person, excluding international flights.

Day by day

Day by day

Day 1

Reykjavik Iceland - Constable Point Greenland

Meet in Reykjavik for your charter flight to East Greenland. Arrive at the small airport of Nerlerit Inaat and transfer to MS Polarfront for embarkation.

Day 2


Spend the day discovering Viking Bay, known for its impressive basalt columns that dot the cliffs and its ice formations. The columns are formed when lava flows slowly cool and shrink to form hexagonal cracks that can be up to ten metres long. The reddish colour of the rocks comes from iron. You will sail in a Zodiac at the foot of these vertiginous cliffs and get closer to the icebergs.

Day 3

Danm Ark Ø Island

On your third day, experience the wilderness of Danm Ark Ø Island. Here the island is home to the remains of a long-abandoned Inuit settlement. This well-preserved site shows the old winter and summer houses, as well as evidence of their arctic lifestyle. You will approach the vast glacier front and then disembark for a hike. The tundra, dressed in autumn colours, with the icebergs in the background, makes for a breathtaking wilderness and the promise of extraordinary photographs.

Day 4

The Island of Rode Ø

This day will see the excitement of experiencing the red island, a beautiful red sandstone island often described as looking like Mars. Its red rocky slopes formed from sandstone sediments provide a striking contrast to the dark blue waters of the Arctic and the vast blue and white icebergs that float silently in the waters of Scoresby Sund.

Day 5

Hare Fjord

The fifth day of your adventure incorporates sailing in the amazing Zodiac boats, allowing up-close encounters with some of the largest icebergs in the world. The Hare Fjord, is like its neighbour Rode Fjord, crowded with gigantic icebergs, and ephemeral cathedrals of ice, between which you will slalom in a Zodiac. You will also disembark for a hike in the flaming tundra.

Day 6


Today you will approach some of the Arctic's most colossal icebergs. Many of these ice giants are stationary, anchored to the bottom of Scoresby Sund which is only 400 metres deep. Some of these icy edifices are more than 100 metres high and over a kilometre long, making for a meditative experience. You will then disembark for a hike, with beautiful views of the picturesque Bredning Hall and chances of spotting the elusive Arctic hare.

Day 7

Turner Sound

You will sail through the calm waters of Turner Sound and Rømer Fjord. Here the waters are free of large chunks of ice, allowing free passage further inland. These blue-black depths are home to the mythical-looking narwhal, the "unicorns of the sea", while the remote shores are home to the powerful polar bear.

Day 8

Bjorne Islands and Ittoqqortoormiit

A day of discovery, get up early to visit the Bjorne Islands are also known as the Bear Islands. These uninhabited islands were named by Carl Ryder during his expedition to East Greenland in 1891. You will next travel to Ittoqqortoormiit the largest inhabited village in Scoresbysund. The 400 inhabitants of this remote outpost rely on the bounty of the Arctic to sustain them and live on traditional hunting and fishing. The village was established here in 1925 because of the rich waters at the mouth of Scoresby Sund.


Day 9

Constable Point - Reykjavik Iceland

Your adventure ends after a return flight from Constable Point (Greenland) to Reykjavik (Iceland).

Trip Details

This is a small group expedition of maximum 16 guests on the MS Polarfront.

The price of the expedition includes 8 nights onboard Polarfront, charter flights to/from Iceland and Greenland, all meals onboard, services of the guiding team, and all excursions and activities in Greenland. 


Polarfront Suite – SOLD OUT

Deluxe Suite – £6800

Master Suite – £7150

Harmattan Suite - £7500


The exact route depends on ice and weather conditions. The places mentioned above are just examples of some of the many sites this area has to offer. Flexibility is the key to a successful expedition!

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