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8 Days
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Aug - Sep 2022
Small Group Safari
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8 Days £6740 Aug - Sep 2022 Greenland Small Group Safari
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Northeast Greenland In Depth

One of the last unspoilt wildernesses in the world, venture into the world's largest fjord system on a small expedition ship, exploring rugged landscapes, towering icebergs, breathtaking ice sculptures and Arctic wildlife.

Head ashore for hikes across the tundra in search of muskox, Arctic fox and other wildlife, accompanied by a team of expert polar guides. From the end of August, there's a great chance of witnessing the magical Northern Lights.

The sea ice surrounding East Greenland breaks up in the summer, allowing us to explore the region's breathtaking landscapes and glacier-carved fjords.

Your exact itinerary will depend on weather conditions, but we will explore Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord system in the world, and hope to sail through the spectacular Føhn Fjord, Røde Fjord and Ø Fjord, and visit the Inuit settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit.

What makes this trip extraordinary?

  • Experience the towering icebergs and breathtaking icy scenery of east Greenland.
  • Search for polar bears hunting on the ice or padding across the tundra.
  • Experience a remote wilderness - it’s unlikely that you will see any other tourists in this part of the world!
  • Watch the waters for the chance to see elusive narwhal, and whales breaking the surface of the calm waters.

Embedded Video Overview

An 8-day expedition wilderness exploration - from $6,942 per person, excluding international flights.

Day by day

Day by day

Day 1

Arrive East Greenland

Today we depart Iceland with our fellow passengers and fly to Constable Point, ready to board our expedition ship and start our Greenland adventure.

Days 2-7

Exploration of Scoresby Sund

East Greenland is as far from a tourist destination as it’s possible to get these days, and you are unlikely to encounter any other ships as you sail around massive icebergs that make the vessel seem small. Scoresby Sund is the largest fjord system in the world and could be explored for weeks. It offers some of the most spectacular scenery Greenland has to offer: jagged peaks coming straight out of the sea and rare glimpses of the Greenland ice cap, the largest ice cap in the northern hemisphere. Large glaciers pour into the sea, and we cruise amongst beautiful icebergs, some of them larger than high-rise buildings.

We hope to circumnavigate Milne Land, the second largest island in Greenland, sailing through the narrow and spectacular Føhn Fjord, Røde Fjord and Ø Fjord. During shore landings, we may find remains from early Inuit cultures that settled here more than 2000 years ago. We also have a good chance of spotting magnificent prehistoric-looking musk ox or the lovely white Arctic hare. Keep an eye out for snow bunting, wheatear and ptarmigans, and polar bears. Time permitting, we may sail up into the rarely visited Nordvestfjord. This fjord is often filled with icebergs making for a challenging but spectacular navigation.

We also plan to visit the local community at Ittoqqortoormiit, home to some 450 Greenlanders and the only settlement in Northeast Greenland, 500km north of the Arctic Circle. In a town where the sea-ice blocks ships from visiting most part of the year, hunting and fishing are the only ways of survival. During our visit, we get a unique opportunity to learn more about living and surviving in this remote part of the world.

Each evening the expedition team will be on hand to discuss the wildlife and history of this spectacular region with a series of talks and presentations.

Ship: M/S Balto

Day 8

Depart East Greenland

Today signals the end of your unforgettable journey in Greenland. We disembark our expedition ship in Constable Point and fly back to Iceland for our international flights home.


Trip Details

This is a small group expedition on the M/S Balto, which is a small, intimate ship carrying 12 passengers, perfect for exploring the rugged coast of Greenland.

The price of the expedition includes: 7 nights onboard M/S Balto, all meals onboard, services of the guiding team, all excursions and activities in Greenland. The price does not include the compulsory flights from Iceland to/from Greenland, which is approximately US$1595.


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