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15 Days
Small Group Safari
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15 Days TBC Greenland Small Group Safari
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Greenland Explorer: Valleys & Fjords

Travel to Greenland on this once-in-a-lifetime expedition taking you to the country's eastern, southern and western coastlines. Sail through dramatic bays and fjords as you look out for elusive polar bears, and watch calving glaciers and magnificent tabular icebergs from the deck of your ship or zodiac. The Arctic landscape here is truly breathtaking, and makes for stunning photographs.

Greenland is Europe’s final frontier. On this expedition, you'll travel along its beautiful coastlines and delve into its intricate system of bays and fjords, which is one of the best ways of exploring this spectacular country. Rich in history, rugged landscapes, natural ice sculptures and Arctic wildlife, this area has something for everyone. Explore the area on foot on one of the many hikes available, photograph the beautiful wildflowers colouring the tundra or gaze in awe at one of the large icebergs floating past. This area is rich in iconic wildlife, so this voyage is perfect for anyone interested in birds, whales, seals and polar bears. You'll also be able to visit a number of Greenland's small settlements and towns, and learn about the local indigenous population through cultural visits, museums and lectures on board the ship.


What makes this trip extraordinary?

  • Explore the colourful Greenlandic Inuit settlements and learn about the traditions of Greenland’s indigenous population.
  • Marvel at Ilulissat Icefjord, enshrined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.
  • Witness the effects of climate change as melting glaciers calve large icebergs into the sea.
  • Photograph the stunning nature and intriguing wildlife of the Arctic as you explore the area by ship, by zodiac or on foot.

Embedded Video Overview

A 15-day expedition exploring the bays and fjords of Greenland's coasts

Day by day

Day by day

Day 1

Arrival in Reykjavik

Today you’ll arrive in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, and make your way to your local hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, you can explore the city after settling in to your accommodation. In the evening you’ll take part in a welcome briefing given by your expedition team, and spend the evening getting to know your fellow travellers and expedition leaders.

Day 2

Embarkation Day in Akureyri

After breakfast we make our way to the airport and board the flight that will take us from Reykjavik to Akureyri, where your ship is waiting for you. Once on board, you'll have time to settle in to your cabin as we leave the harbour and start the expedition in earnest.

Days 3-4

East Greenland

Our first stop is the small abandoned settlement of Skjoldungen in southeastern Greenland. Inhabitants left this ghost town as they were forced to move to larger, more accessible towns in 1961. We explore the area by zodiacs, or kayaks for the passengers who opt for the kayaking program. Photograph icebergs as you cruise past in this narrow part of Skjoldungen Fjord.

Days 5-7

South Greenland

The south of Greenland is particularly dramatic and has been nicknamed the “Arctic Patagonia”. Mountaineers and climbers from around the world flock to this area and especially Tasermiut Fjord, a big-walled playground. This landscape will take your breath away. At the southernmost point of Greenland, we will make a stop at the hot springs in the Uunartoq area. Soak in the hot springs as you marvel at the icebergs that pass by.

Days 8-13

West Greenland

After rounding the southernmost point, Cape Farewell, we start heading north again along Greenland's west coast. As well as stopping at some of the small villages located near the islands and fjords here, you'll also get the opportunity to explore Nuuk, Greenland's capital city of almost 16,000 people. Wander the streets, visit the statue of Hans Egede - Nuuk's founder - and explore the bustling waterfront. If you like, you can also visit the local museum to see the famous Greenlandic mummies. Over the course of these six days we will also visit the town Sisimiut, home to more sled dogs than humans. The “Fjord of Eternity”, or Evighetsfjorden as it is called in Greenlandic, is another favourite destination on the west coast. Explore this raw wilderness by zodiac or take one of many hikes among the towering mountains. This side of Greenland provides many dramatic landscapes to explore. You’ll also visit the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to the world’s fastest-moving glaciers, which drift approximately 62 ft (19 metres) a day.

Day 14

Disembarkation in Kangerlussuaq

After breakfast it is time to leave the ship and transfer to the airport where you will board your direct flight back to Reykjavik, Iceland. The transfer to your hotel in Reykjavik is included.

Day 15

Depart Reykjavik

Enjoy one last breakfast before you make your way home at your own leisure.

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