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9 Days
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9 Days £51800 Nov Antarctica Tailor-Made
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Living with Emperor Penguins

Experience Antarctica in a whole new way as you move in and live on the pack ice. Fly from Chile, and transfer to a temporary camp so that you are just a mile or two away from the penguin rookery, and spend five days observing these spectacular creatures.

There are lots of safaris in the world that are life-changing. We know, we send hundreds of people each year on them. But for a truly once in a lifetime, blow your socks off, leave you changed forever kind of trip, it’s got to be this one. This is more than just wildlife viewing. You’ll be completely immersed in the activity of the emperor penguin rookery. Photograph the penguins against a spectacular backdrop of ice cliffs, pressure ridges and icebergs and come away with unique images, as the scenery changes each year. With luck you’ll get to watch them swim and dive, you’ll watch the parents feed their chicks, and get to say that you lived on the ice in Antarctica.


What makes this trip extraordinary?

  • Live on the pack ice of Antarctica just 1-2 miles from the emperor penguin colony.
  • Spend time with the penguins and their chicks.
  • Experience life on the ice, waking up each morning to pristine and completely silent wilderness.

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A 9 day Emperor Penguin Adventure

from $60,606 per person, excluding international flights

Day by day

Day by day

Day 1

Punta Arenas to Antarctica

Jump on board your flight, and glide down onto an ice runway in Antarctica. Your first night will be spent at Union Glacier Camp, a temporary camp that is set up on the ice for a short time during the summer (November to January). You’ll be surprised how comfortable a camp on the ice can be!

Day 2

Union Glacier Camp

With a day to settle in and acclimatise to Antarctic conditions, you’ll also have an orientation of the camp, and spend some time reviewing logistics with your guides. Enjoy presentations about wildlife viewing procedures and take in the majestic scenery.

Day 3

Fly to Emperor Penguin Colony

Weather permitting, pack up and fly by ski aircraft to the remote south coast of the Weddell Sea. You will land on the sea ice near the emperor rookery and set up camp near the aircraft. The rest of the day is for exploring, and you will get your first glimpse of the emperors.

Days 4-6

Living with the penguins

With no fixed schedule, you’ll be free to spend as much time as you wish with the penguins. You will have the option of heading out on guided walks with the naturalist guides or doing your own thing around the camp – (extra time with the penguins must be accompanied by a guide). Meal times are flexible and will allow you to photograph the penguins whenever the light and weather are just right. Your guides will be on hand to answer any questions and make sure the rookery is not disturbed. Wake in the morning to find curious penguins outside your tent, as curious about you as you are them. This really is an incredible opportunity to get to know the penguins and learn about their way of life.

Day 7

Return to Union Glacier Camp

After three and a half days of unrivalled wildlife experiences with the incredible emperor penguins it is time to return to the Union Glacier Camp. After the flight, there should be a bit of free time to explore the area around the camp.

Day 8

Union Glacier Camp

Depending on flights and weather conditions, today may be your final day at the camp, but you may get a few extra days to explore. You will also have a final celebration dinner with the group where you will receive a certificate proving that you had your very own ‘March of the Penguins’ experience.

Day 9

Return to Punta Arenas

Today – weather permitting - the aircraft will arrive from Punta Arenas to transport you back to reality. You will be met at the airport and transferred back to your hotel where your once in a lifetime adventure ends upon arrival.



This is a tailor-made departure so can be slightly altered or extended depending on your dates, budget and plans. 

Please get in touch to plan your adventure.


Please not that prices shown are based on fuel costs as of May 1, 2023. We reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge in the event of significant increases in the price of aviation kerosene. Given the current volatility of fuel prices, please anticipate this possibility.

Trip date Prices from
Nov 10 - Nov 18 2023 £51800
Nov 18 - Nov 26 2023 £51800
Nov 26 - Dec 04 2023 £51800

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