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Explore the ends of the earth

In a world painted with a pared-down palette of whites and inky blues and greys, you’ll follow in the wake of polar heroes through an environment that continues to stretch life to its outer limits and venture out onto the ice and snow in search of extreme fauna.

Whether you’re circumnavigating Spitsbergen in a former academic research vessel, skimming over the ice of Arctic Canada in a wooden sledge, or hovering over the berg-choked waters of Antarctica in a helicopter, you’re getting ever closer to witnessing the blood-and-blubber wars of bull walruses, the languid power of a polar bear as it lopes across the landscape, the lance-headed migrations of narwhals along dark channels in the ice, or the immense cacophony of an Emperor penguin rookery teetering at the bottom of the world.


Head north and you could be hiking across the tundra of Northern Canada, following an Inuit guide through Polar Bear Alley, approaching new-born bears in specially design vehicles, or taking a Zodiac ashore in Svalbard past the muzzles of bearded seals to see kittiwakes and guillemot chicks avoid the clutches of an Arctic fox.

Travel to the Arctic between October and March and you may have chance to witness the shimmering green-and-pink lights of the Aurora Borealis as they dance through the sky.

If you want to tick the seventh continent off your bucket list then travel to Antarctica is a must. Stepping foot on the white, snowy landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula, you’ll gain a new perspective on the power of nature as you are surrounded by huge penguin colonies and experience towering icebergs protruding out of the glistening sea around you. 

Svalbard Photo Safari - Shannon Wild

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