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M/S Polarfront

Built in Norway in 1976, Polarfront was originally used as a research vessel by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute - she used to take readings of CO2 in the atmosphere and measured the convergence of masses of polar and tropical air, hence the name Polarfront. She was recommissioned in 2017 to become an expedition ship, with a full interior refit in 2018.

Small in size, Polarfront can easily weave its way through the fjords, uncovering well-kept secrets of the Far North not typically explored. Her design lends itself to navigating through the ice, while her previous life as a weather ship left her with an advanced stabilisation system; unusual in a ship of this size. Two Mark V Zodiacs on-board offer polar explorers versatility and space for off-ship excursions.

Polarfront Ice


Despite carrying only a few passengers, there are all the amenities you would normally only find on a much bigger ship, such as an on-board gym, outdoor hot tub and windowed sauna offering views of the polar landscape while you stay in the warm.

The Cabins

The Owner’s Suite, Harmattan offers an extraordinary amount of space and comfort with a large living and sleeping room; separate toilet and shower areas with heated towel racks; plenty of storage with three spacious closets and 4 working portholes. The cabin size is 26.8m².In addition to the Owners Suite, Polarfront offers three suites located near the front of the ship (size 18.8 - 19.3m²), and three larger deluxe suites (19.8 - 23.3m²); one forward, one mid-ship, and one aft. There are heated towel racks in each bathroom. The hub of the ship is the Coriolis Lounge, a great place to socialise with your fellow passengers and also where talks are given by our guides. On deck, enjoy the icy landscape of the Arctic in the hot tub and panoramic sauna and there is a fitness room on-board at your full disposal, equipped with a treadmill, a rower, a bicycle, weight training and floor gym equipment.


Polarfront is committed to using local Norwegian and French suppliers and partners with small responsible producers to offer a refined cuisine on-board. Organic lamb from Quercy raised on a family farm, traditional smoked salmon from Boulogne Sur Mer salted locally and smoked in the family’s old chimneys, and free-range beef and pork from a small breeder, are some of the suppliers that Polarfront partners with.


As with all expeditions to Svalbard, excursions are weather- and wildlifedependent. The team on board will aim to have you out exploring by zodiac (the ship is equipped with two Mark V Zodiacs) or on land. Svalbard is home to stunning scenery and incredible wildlife but there is history here too, and historical landings play a part in your itinerary as you come across old abandoned trappers huts and remnants from old whaling stations.


Will Bolsover

Founder & CEO

Will Bolsover

Founder & CEO

Natural World Safaris is delighted to be adding the exceptional Polarfront to our Arctic fleet for 2022. Polarfront represents exclusivity within the polar explorer market place, affording luxury and space to the Arctic experience. Spacious but cosy en-suite cabins, huge outdoor deck areas for viewing, and creature comforts such as a hot tub and sauna offers a truly luxurious experience. It only becomes apparent on first sight how much more room she affords the polar explorer compared to other ships with a similar capacity; I was most impressed by her on a recent visit. The combination of her expert crew and our specialist expedition leaders mean you will be in the right place at the right time for a truly unique polar experience.