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Swim with Killer Whales and Humpbacks in Norway


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Swim with Killer Whales and Humpbacks

An incredible ship-based safari with the unique opportunity to swim with, and photograph killer whales (orcas) and humpbacks in the wild Norwegian waters. Surrounded by icy fjords and imposing glaciers, this unforgettable trip offers you an opportunity to witness pods of colossal orcas and humpback whales. Leaving dry land behind, you'll travel on our very own private chartered boat, the M/V Kinfish, for the duration of your marine adventure. This gives you the advantage of versatility in your routing while sailing through the Norwegian waters due to her small size, is easily manoeuvrable. You’ll also have a chance to see the magnificent dancing Northern Lights.

Our expert team have been running whale trips to Norway for a number of years; almost the entire time in which orcas have been found migrating to these waters. In the past, our clients have remained close to land, watching and swimming with the whales during their hunts off the coast of Tromsø. However, this pioneering expedition will see you searching for Norway's whales in a way that few others have done before: out on the water for days on end, on board your own expedition ship.

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Why book this trip?

Expert Guiding

Your guides will be experts in the world's whales; NWS specialist leader team Rita Messing, Patrick Dykstra, Peter Webster, Kayvon Malek, Sarah Conner and Joshua Barton have all travelled the globe in search of the largest creatures on the planet.

Small Ship Expedition

As you are in search of whales, their exact journey (migration) can never be exactly predicted; by using a chartered boat you will be able to change direction and stay in specific areas for as long as you wish.

The Northern Lights

When dusk falls, head up to the open bridge and keep an eye out for the famous Northern Lights.

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Patrick Dykstra

Expert Marine Videographer and Photographer

Patrick Dykstra

Expert Marine Videographer and Photographer

We’ve collaborated with Patrick Dykstra who is well-known among the nature documentary field. He is the visionary for the trip and even though he won’t be on-board, his involvement has been key in creating our 2023 expert team, along with being at the centre of developing this experience. He won a BAFTA for his cinematography work on BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and has also filmed major nature programs for Netflix, National Geographic, Apple, Discovery, BBC and others. His latest feature film about his friendship with a sperm whale titled 'Patrick and the Whale' was released in September 2022. Read more about Patrick.

What to expect


After arriving into Tromsø Airport, you'll make your way to your hotel for the night. If you feel like a casual coffee or something freshly baked, stop by Smørtorget for delicious pastries and local artwork in a friendly and relaxed setting. Koseverden is another option for fans of baked goods, boasting an impressive array of options along with a lunch menu and coffee from a local roaster. Read more about what to do in Tromsø.

Swimming with Whales

On your day of embarkation, you'll head away from the bright lights of the coast on the trail of orcas and humpbacks in the open ocean, tracking the movement of the pods as they hunt for huge shoals of herring. When you find the whales, you will head out in zodiacs to get closer to the water and, weather conditions permitting, you'll be able to take to the water in small groups and swim alongside these magnificent mammals. The considerable expertise of your team will ensure an unforgettable experience. The exact itinerary will depend on the cetaceans' locations, but regardless of where you find yourself, you can look forward to hearing about your guides' experiences with whales around the world, see the beautiful landscapes of Northern Norway.

Your Accommodation

M/V Kinfish

Built in 1958, the M/V Kinfish has recently been transformed from a Norwegian research vessel to a classic passenger ship, ready to explore the Norweigan fjords in search for whales. With room on board for just 12 passengers, the ship has an intimate atmosphere, and her small size allows her to access some of the smaller fjords and coves along the coastline. Kinfish has an expansive deck space spread across multiple levels, two spacious lounges, and a fantastic presentation room. Enjoy delicious Nordic-inspired cuisine served by the on-board chef, catered to your individual dietary requirements. All meals are included, including tea, coffee and hot chocolate and soft drinks on board, and alcohol with dinner. Read more about M/V Kinfish.

Dates & Prices norway

Dates and Prices for norway
DateShipPassengersTrip LengthTrip StylePrices from
9th - 14th November 2024M/V Kinfish126 DaysSwimming with Whales7000
14th - 19th November 2024M/V Kinfish126 DaysSwimming with Whales7000
19 - 24th November 2024M/V Kinfish126 DaysSwimming with Whales7000

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