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India Safari Vacations

India is a soul-stirring country full of splendid colour, natural beauty, outstanding wildlife, awe-inspiring architecture and a rich tapestry of cultures. Track majestic tigers, look out for sloth bears and spotted deer, keep your eyes peeled for over 1,000 species of bird and perhaps even spot Indian rhino, Asiatic lions and Asian leopards.

The India Safari Experience

  • Track majestic tigers in their natural environment throughout the parks of India.
  • Follow the tracks of snow leopards through the Himalayas. Venture through Ladakh’s mountains as you look out for ibex, urial, Himalayan wolf, red fox, long-tailed marmot, and even Himalayan brown bears.
  • Explore the meadows and forests on game drives in India’s National Parks, home to sloth bears, snakes, wolves, monkeys, deer and leopards. Search for the elusive endangered one-horned rhino of the Assam region.
  • Experience the bustling throngs, rich colours and aromas of the back streets and bazaars of Old Delhi and seek out the old palaces and forts in Jaipur to understand the true splendour of Indian royalty.
  • Relax aboard a luxurious river cruise ship as you explore the extensive Ganges River or embark on a boat safari on the Chambal River in search of crocodiles, dolphins and birdlife.
  • Accompany researchers and search for the endangered red panda in the forests of Singalila National Park.

Why Natural World Safaris?

  • Our wildlife expertise has ensured a 100% tiger sighting success rate over the last 4 years in each of our India tiger safaris.
  • Our considerable wealth of experience and knowledge of this country, from the vibrant jungles of Kanha to the deep valleys of Ladkah, has led to carefully selected expeditions, providing you with nothing but the best access and highly experienced wildlife trackers and guides.
  • Working closely with conservationists, we offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the mystical region of Ladakh, tracking the elusive snow leopard through the foothills of the Himalayas, the most remote corners of the Indian Subcontinent.
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The India Safari Experience

How much does India cost?

Typically, expect to budget around $14,000 for a 11-day experience staying at two or three luxury tented accommodation. For a longer 22-day safari in India, expect to budget from around $22,000 per person. This will generally include domestic flights to and from Delhi or Mumbai, private jeep safaris in Pench, Kanha and Ranthambore National Parks, four camps and additional unique sightseeing stops.

Where to stay in India?

Complementing the obvious cultural charms that it has to offer; India is home to a truly impressive range of accommodations. Around the popular parks of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore you can find options ranging from authentic tented camps to treetop hideaways and luxury lodges. Read more about where to stay in India.

When to go to India?

The best time to go to India will depend on the region you wish to go to, but if your focus is tracking tigers, it is best to travel during the drier periods between February and April, when rising temperatures increasingly draw predators and prey to fresh water sources. During monsoon season, July to September, most national parks are closed. Read more about when to go to India.

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India Safari Vacations FAQs

Can you drink the water in India?

It is not advisable to drink tap water as the quality can vary, and visitors may not have the same immunity as locals to the bacteria and contaminants that could be present in the water. To avoid potential health risks, it's recommended to drink bottled water or water that has been properly purified or boiled. Many hotels and restaurants provide bottled or filtered water, and it's a good practice to use this water for drinking, brushing your teeth, and consuming ice. Additionally, be cautious with consuming raw vegetables and fruits that may have been washed in tap water. Staying hydrated is important, so ensure you have access to safe water sources during your stay in India.

What wildlife can I see in India?

India has over one hundred national parks to explore on your wildlife safari. Here are just a few of the magnificent animals you can expect to see:

  • Bengal Tiger
  • Indian Elephant
  • Greater One-horned Rhino
  • Snow Leopard

Check out our India wildlife guide for more information on the animals you can expect to see on an India safari.

Do you need a visa for India?

Most travellers to India require a visa to enter the country. India offers various types of visas, including e-Visas for certain nationalities that allow you to apply online before your trip. It's important to check the specific visa requirements and application process for your nationality and intended activities in India well in advance of your travel dates.

Is India safe for travel?

India can be a safe and enriching holiday destination, but travellers should exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings. Respect local customs, maintain good hygiene practices, and consume safe food and water. Purchase comprehensive travel insurance, avoid scams, choose reputable transportation, and stay informed about travel advisories. By being vigilant, culturally sensitive, and well-prepared, you can have a positive and memorable experience in India.