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The forests of Tasmania are home to wombats and duck-billed platypus whilst South Australia is your best chance of seeing the elusive echidna. In the Northern Territory, you can expect to see kangaroo and wallaby aplenty as well as the saltwater crocodile. Western Australia plays host to marine life on a grand scale, whale sharks visit the Ningaloo Reef in abundance, whilst Blue Whale, Humpback Whale and Orca can be seen and encountered in many places along WA’s coastline. South-Western Australia is host to the battle between giants (only recently documented on film) with Orca pods 100 plus strong predating on the mighty Blue Whale. For tropical species, head no further than the state of Queensland where reptiles and amphibians are 90% endemic to the state and insect life also takes centre stage.
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Australia Wildlife Highlights

Australia is home to some of the most unique endemic wildlife. Whilst we cannot do Australia's’s wildlife justice via one short page, some of our favourites are outlined below. 

Duckbilled platypus are generally spotted during July and August in southeastern Australia, although this does shift slightly depending on the differences in climate. However, they can be small and hard to spot.

Wombats are found primarily in southeastern Australia and Tasmania and is a nocturnal, herbivorous mammal. Best spotted at dusk and during the winter months, the most optimal time for observing wombats during the daytime is between April and July. Tasmania's Maria Island is a great place to spot them. 

Kangaroos are native to Australia. Autumn on Kangaroo Island, March-May, is the best time and place to see the kangaroos, although they can be seen throughout southern Australia all year round. 

For marine giants, such as orcas, humpback whales and whale sharks, the Ningaloo Reef on Australia's western coast, from the end of September until December, is the best time to see these gentle beauties. 


Tasmania Kanga | ©Tourism Australia


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