• Brown bear in Kamchatka |© Andrew James

When to go

The best time to visit Kamchatka is between May and September. Temperatures can drop to a bitter -20 °C during the winter, whereas in the summer months temperatures can reach up to 14 °C, staying within an ideal range for hiking and exploring. Early summer is an ideal time to avoid troublesome mosquitoes and experience incredible wildlife sightings in a destination teeming with life.

Will Bolsover, Kamchatka

When to go for wildlife

Brown bears hibernate during the winter months, usually sleeping from November right through to early March, so in order to see them travelling in the summer months is strongly advised. September is ideal for spotting brown bears who are by then well fed on the plentiful salmon here. Keen birders may prefer to visit between May and early June to catch sight of the sensational array of bird species found amongst this wild landscape. Summer is also a great time to spot orcas offshore on ship-based expeditions.

Brown bear in Kamchatka |© Andrew James
Russian High Arctic

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