• Taj Mahal, India

India Weather in September

India Weather in September

Throughout India the weather is quite mixed in September. Temperatures vary according to where you are, but you can expect ranges from 28-34 degrees Celsius. In Rajasthan, western India, we have reached the end of the monsoon, so there may be some travel bargains to be grabbed. Ladakh is reaching the end of its season, so you can still travel but the weather is not at its peak. Fret not, as we visit Ladakh on our pioneering snow leopard itineraries which depart in February and / or March each year; giving a fabulous mix of elusive wildlife, and intriguing cultures, wrapped up with astounding views.

Khajuraho, India

For those in search of an India wildlife safari, September is not for you. The wildlife parks and tiger reserves will remain closed until October. But if you are looking to explore other areas of the natural world, and see some of India’s culture, September can work. After the rains of July and August, the water level of the Ganges is perfect for cruising; it is a real privilege to explore and traverse these waters, which are so sacred to Hindu’s, especially in Varanasi.

For those looking for impressive temples and palaces, the Taj Mahal in Agra never fails to impress, same as the erotic Khajurajo temples of Madhya Pradesh.

September probably won’t be great for relaxing on the beach, due to the rain. But don’t let that put you off exploring Kerala and the southern hill stations, which are just outstanding after the rains, awash with bright green grasses.

This is not a good time to explore the Himalayas due to the amount of rain they experience.


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