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India Weather in November

India Weather in November

November can be the perfect month to travel to India, with quite ideal weather throughout the country, and lots of celebrations happening. You can expect very little, if any, rain, yet the temperatures are bearable; landscapes are still verdant and lush after the rains in a lot of national parks. Temperatures throughout the country range between about 29-30 degrees Celsius.

India, Natural World Safaris

Indeed, November is an excellent time to explore the national parks and the cultural aspects of India. The wildlife parks are open and you can explore by 4x4 in search of tigers, leopards, deer, birds, monkeys and sloth bears. However, the landscapes, as already mentioned are still quite lush, which means long grass and lots of water sources. Wildlife does not have to congregate in small area to drink, and it has plenty of long grass to hide in, which can make spotting the animals more challenging. But sightings can be all the more rewarding, and make for stunning photographs.

Kaziranga National Park opens in November, but can sometimes have high water levels.

We mentioned November being a month of celebrations; this can include Diwali (sometimes celebrated in October), where streets are filled with stunning light and candle displays, as well as fireworks throughout India. For something a little different, there is the Pushkar Camel Fair; taking place in Rajasthan, it consists of about 50,000 goats and camels descending on the area, along with their owners – quite a sight to behold.

With more reasonable temperatures, busy cultural sites such as the Taj Mahal, markets of Old Delhi, Khajuraho Temples can be more bearable, if a little crowded.


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