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May weather in India & where to go

May weather in India & where to go

May is known to be the hottest month of the year in India, and it can indeed get swelteringly hot. With the heat comes rain, and therefor humidity, at temperatures around 40-42 degrees Celsius. For those who struggle in the heat, India really is not recommended in May, as often those who live there arrange their holidays out of the country to miss as much of May as possible.

For wildlife, May is not the best month, as we generally day October to April are the best times to visit the tiger parks. This is largely due to the heat, as even the animals struggle to cool off. The parks are open, however, and it is possible to do wildlife safaris. You’d need to speak with us about which accommodation is right for you, as air conditioning will be an essential part of your journey.

As normal, the cultural attractions from Delhi to Agra are open. A visit to the Taj Mahal in May could encounter temperatures over 42 degrees Celsius, as could Old and New Delhi. There are some great indoor attractions which can give you some respite, from museums to art galleries, so it is worth thinking about adding those in to your plans.

Southern India, such as Kerala, can, although hot, can be quite nice to see at this time, and you can escape to the Hill Stations such as Munnar where the temperatures are lower.

You could also head to the extreme north, to the Himalayan Hill Stations, where temperatures a lovely. But don’t expect wildlife at this time of year, the views are incredible, but you won’t be spotting a snow leopard on the horizon!

Overall, you can travel to India in May, but it is not recommended due to the heat.


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