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India Weather in December

India Weather in December

By December, most of India is enjoying clear skies, warm temperatures and little rain, although down in the very south, there is a second monsoon from October to December which sweeps in from the Bay of Bengal. For a completely different Christmas, or build up to Christmas, India can be a great choice.

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In Delhi, December can actually be relatively cool, usually around 23 degrees Celsius, as the cool winds blow down from the Himalayas; then down in the south, Kerala sits at around 31 degrees Celsius. So as the weather is lovely throughout the country, it is still completely different from the north to the south due to the size and topography of the country.

The wildlife parks, as mentioned, are open for business, and animals such as the majestic Bengal tiger, wary spotted deer, adorable sloth bear, and even the Asiatic leopard can be seen if you know where to look. This can be an excellent time for spotting wildlife, and getting some beautiful photos before the landscapes dry out and become a little less photogenic. Tall grasses can make it challenging to see tigers, their stripes are excellent camouflage, but when you do see them, it is so rewarding. Don’t let the long grasses put you off, especially if you are a keen photographer. We have actually had clients travel at this time, then in the drier periods so get photos of the contrasts.

Overall, December can be an excellent month to travel if you are into wildlife and photography. If you want to see a tiger more than anything, then consider travelling between February and March for the best chances of sighting one. Although note that 98% of our tiger safari clients have seen a tiger on their safari. We know where to put you and when for the best wildlife encounters.


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