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India Weather in April

India Weather in April

As we come to the end of the dry season, temperatures can get stiflingly high at times. However, for wildlife enthusiasts, this is a great time to see India’s wildlife – if you can handle the heat. We do select the best lodges and camps for wildlife proximity and comfort, which means you can usually stay in a nice and cool, air conditions room, however, the temperatures outside are beyond our control.

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This is one of the best months to travel to India if you are looking for the ultimate wildlife safari. Dry weather means shorter, dry grasses, and fewer water sources for the wildlife to drink. All added together, this results in easier wildlife sightings, especially for people who are on the search for tigers.

Exploration of the Himalayas is possible at this time, but not if you are searching for the elusive snow leopards, who stick to the higher reaches of the mountains at this time.

Similar to March, the whole of India is fine to travel in April, but we really do recommend you plan for the heat. If you are combining some culture with your safari, that is an excellent idea, but remember that India’s busy cities and temples can feel very stuffy due to the combination of heat and people.

If you’re considering adding some beach relaxation, Kerala is a lovely option, and you can explore the backwaters too. It is hot here at this time, so make sure you plaster on the sun cream. Same with places such as Goa, which are a little further north.

Overall, April is a great time for wildlife enthusiasts, so long as you can handle the temperatures. Note that the dry season, although it’s the best time to see tigers, is not the best time for photography, with dry parks and brown grasses. This is outside of the peak travel months for India, which can mean fewer tourists in the national parks and at cultural sights.


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