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Best time to see tigers

IND St India Ranthambore National Park Bengal Tiger Shutterstock Photocechcz

When is the best time to see tigers in India

October to April is classed as the ‘best time to visit’ India, because the climate is cooler, so game drives and travelling will be far more comfortable, and this fits in well with the addition of tiger spotting. Throughout these months, viewing the tigers and the other wildlife in the national parks is fantastic, however, the scenery does change extremely quickly with the ever-increasing temperatures.

February, March, and April are probably the best times to see tigers in India due to the scenery and temperatures.

October to the end of December is ‘green’. After the monsoons, the parks become lush and green, with water filled areas of land making the scenery spectacular. The grass is longer and water is plentiful, which can make spotting the tigers a little harder, maybe this just adds to the excitement though. Although trips to India are often purely based on seeing the tigers, do not dismiss travelling earlier. They may be harder to spot, but the scenery is fantastic, with flowers blooming and trees blossoming, this truly is a great time to visit. The birdlife during this time is second to none and if you are a keen birder, travelling at this time is a must.

From January onwards the temperature increases rapidly, topping 40 degrees at times. With this increase in temperature however comes less water, drier, dustier land and less foliage. Because of the ever decreasing water supply, wildlife tends to congregate around the last remaining waterholes making it a good time to see and photograph the wildlife within the parks. The chances of spotting the tigers are higher as they have fewer places to disappear off into.

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