• Pygmy elephant as seen on Borneo vacation

November weather & where to go

Rainfall and thunderstorms increase as we move further into the wet season in Borneo. 


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Sun bear walking, as seen on Borneo vacation

In Sabah the north is wetter than the south, where you can still enjoy a number of dry days on your safari. This is a good time for keen wildlife enthusiasts, rather than those heading to the beach for relaxation, with lower numbers in the national parks, dive areas and sanctuaries, such as the Orangutan Sanctuary.

Similar to Sabah, the rain in Sarawak continues to increase as we head into the wetter season. If you wish to head to Sarawak, this is still possible and great for those looking to avoid the masses that come with the drier months.

During November the temperatures are still hot at around 27 degrees Celsius, which means it can be very humid. 


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