Borneo in July

July weather & where to go

This is the main holiday season for Borneo, with schools around much of Europe on holiday. The weather is traditionally dry at this time throughout Sabah and any rain you do get will usually be heavy, but over and done with quickly. 

This is a great time to visit Borneo’s jungles and wildlife rich areas, with the trees still fruiting, bringing the wildlife, especially orang-utans, closer.

The sunshine in Sarawak is at its peak in July, with less rainfall than previous months, although there will, as always, be occasional storms.

With temperatures ranging between 28-30 degrees centigrade across Sarawak and Sabah, it is lovely and hot at this time of year so the beaches are perfect for swimming and diving. 

Having such amazing weather and wildlife opportunities does mean that you will need to book well in advance if this is when you are planning to travel.


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