• Orangutan seen on Borneo vacation

Discover unique Borneo animals and wildlife...

Discover unique Borneo animals and wildlife...

You can’t think of Borneo without thinking of its endemic and wonderful mascot, the orangutan. But with such immense biodiversity on this huge and ancient chunk of the earths crust, orangutans are not the only highlight of Borneo holidays; you also can’t ignore the incredible variety of other animals to be found in Borneo. Starting with some of the 10 species of primates; cheeky gibbons swing through the vines, as well as long-tailed and pig-tailed macaques, the funny looking proboscis monkeys with their long protuberous noses, and the adorable tiny faced leaf monkeys. If you’re lucky you might glimpse the shy and elusive western tarsier or slow loris tucked into the branches of a tree.

And we certainly can’t forget cutest and smallest bear in the world, the sun bear. This gorgeous but endangered species grows up to 1.5m tall, has shiny black fur with a golden crescent on its chest and can be found foraging up trees for honey or fruit with their long tongues and claws. Visit the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre to discover the amazing work of Wong Siew Te, one of our Natural World Heroes.

Sun bear climbing, Borneo

The treetops are also extremely popular with birds, with a staggering 420 species of our feathered friends inhabiting Borneos rainforests The most notable being the many types of hornbill that whoosh through the air on their broad wings. There are also kingfishers, bee-eaters, osprey, egret, wren babblers and the impressive giant pitta to name just a few. All bringing incredible amounts of colour and song to your Bornean rainforest experience!


Hornbill, Borneo


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