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Long Zimbabwe Safari

Experience the highlights of Zimbabwe; revel in the delightful remoteness of Mana Pools National Parks, its expansive wilderness plains and twisting ox-bow lakes accessible only by boat. Enjoy dazzling amber sunsets over Matusadona and wildlife spotting while cruising by boat on Lake Kariba. Encounter family groups of African Painted Hunting Dogs and sightings of elephants, elephants everywhere. Take walking safaris in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mana Pools with its varied tapestry of landscapes, perfect for photography, birding and attuning the senses.

What to expect?

Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park consists of 388,000 acres of rugged wilderness, where elephants roam, big cats hunt and the very endangered black rhino graze. The rugged mountains, Miomba woodlands, mopane scrublands and crystal lake waters provide the perfect habitat for mammals and birds. The elephants here have adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle and are often seen in large numbers by the shoreline. The essence here is all about being outdoors in this beautiful environment.

Mana Pools National Park

The park itself is a network of long and twisting ox-bow lakes and pools that are formed where the mighty Zambezi slows its pace after crashing through the Victoria Falls. With no physical boundaries keeping wildlife in or out, this park was announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Activities include day and night game drives in open Land Rovers, but the main activity and one of the best ways to experience this beautiful part of Africa is to head out on a walking safari with an experienced guide. This area is all about the big game - large elephant bulls, big herds of buffalo as well as lion, leopard and wild dog.

Hwange National Park

This area is famous for its large concentrations of animals, including elephant. Due to the existence of year-round water seeps, this area is ideal for game drives, producing incredible wildlife sightings. Walking safaris are also conducted generally in the morning with armed guides. The walks are leisurely and time is taken to observe the smaller things in the bush that one normally misses when driving. Walking is weather dependent, or dependent on the condition of the terrain. As Zimbabwe’s largest national park, Hwange has a sizeable reputation that it wholeheartedly deserves. The sight of hundreds, if not thousands of elephants and buffalos streaming towards you as you sit at a waterhole is indescribable. There is nothing like the sound of elephants' peaceful rumbling or the deep thundering of buffalo hooves on hard ground when they spook, wary of lions that may lie in wait. This sight and sound of a waterhole in the midst of pristine wilderness visited by huge numbers of animals is typical of Hwange. Beyond the sights and sounds, the feeling of Hwange is what will remain with you: awe and peace from spending time in a true, preserved wilderness. Hwange’s diverse habitats mean that it offers large numbers of desert adapted, plains and woodland animals. The famed elephant population is one of the largest in the world and it has plentiful predator populations such as lion, leopard and cheetah. Hwange also boasts one of Africa’s last strongholds of endangered African wild dogs.

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Why book this trip?

  • Exhilarating walking safaris in the care of one of Zimbabwe’s expert guides
  • Immerse yourself in the intense wildlife experience of Hwange with hyena, lion, buffalo and elephant sightings. You will be moved by the story of the ‘heartbeat of Hwange’ – a labour of love with 60 man-made waterholes pumping water from boreholes are the lifeblood of the park.
  • Encounter family groups of African Painted Hunting Dogs, sighted in only a few key destinations in Africa, this is one of Hwange’s most rewarding wildlife sightings.
  • Watch the game wandering across the maze of floodplains and oxbow lagoons of the Mana Pools.
  • Observe wildlife undisturbed from your secret vantage point in an underground hide.
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Accommodation Highlights

Changa Safari Camp

Majestically located adjacent to Lake Kariba Changa Safari Camp is directly in the middle of a haven for a huge variety of wildlife; from lions and elephants to the famous fighting tiger fish. With daily game drives and walks there are ample opportunities to witness your stunning surroundings; with four kilometres of coastline and situated in the middle of a private reserve this is an incredible camp for relaxing and truly getting back to nature.