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The best time to go to Zimbabwe

The best time to go to Zimbabwe

Generally speaking, Zimbabwe is a year-round destination, but you should consider what your main focus is to ensure we create the ideal itinerary to accommodate your plans. The incredible wildlife of Zimbabwe that includes zebra, antelope, the ‘Big Five’ and wild dogs can also be seen all year, although they are easier to spot during certain times.  As an emerging destination, peak travel months are still much less busy than other popular safari locations in Africa.

The climate in Zimbabwe is subtropical with long hot summers with temperatures averaging a high 30°C or 87 °F and cooler winters, when the temperature at night can fall considerably. 

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When to go

This is a guide for the country as a whole, indicating good times to plan a holiday, taking into account popular places to visit, wildlife encounters and overall weather. Please remember that where in the country will vary depending on month of travel.

When to go by season

August – November

Zimbabwe’s main dry season, this is an ideal time for those looking for more active pursuits around the falls such as white water rafting on the Zambezi… from September to November the prolonged dryness means ideal game viewing, but this does mean peak travel times, with busier accommodation and these months are particularly hot in northern areas such as Mana Pools.

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December – April

This is generally a time of humidity, rainfall and thunderstorms, the latter usually arriving in the afternoon hours and clearing.  Whilst not ideal for all travellers, the rainy season does offer interesting and unique wildlife and scenery, with western areas receiving less rainfall overall.

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May – July

This marks a period of much cooler weather overall, and this can be much more pleasant for some of the more adventurous activities.  It is a much more verdant time, with the ground starting to dry out into July, and temperatures in the higher altitude areas start to fall.

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When to go by experience


Toward the end of the dry season animals congregate around the water sources, meaning fantastic game viewing, so if this is your main aim we would recommend visiting then. During the wetter months, you have the opportunity to see animals with their young, creating some unique and rewarding sightings.

Victoria Falls

The optimum time to experience the might of this natural spectacle is just after the rainy season during the months of April and May, but the spray may impede your views somewhat.  By contrast if you visit at the end of the dry season from October to December, you can enter the low level rock pools and peer over the edge of the falls!


With such a unique and diverse culture, there are many celebrations across the country to witness and enjoy, although we recommend observing from a respectful distance, unless otherwise invited.  Combining music, arts, drama and theatre, Harare International Festival of the Arts is highly popular throughout May and June.  Chimanimani Arts Festival is also a three-day cultural festival in the heart of the eastern highlands.

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