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Highlights and main attractions of Lusaka

Highlights and main attractions of Lusaka

The capital city of Zambia Lusaka is also its biggest, an urban metropolis sprawling over 70 square kilometres, yet still bursting at the seams. Since its independence, the population has tripled, with a population now of nearly 2 million. With the new buildings and shopping malls appearing, from the villages outside it is a city of bright lights, where they will come to look for jobs and a new life.

It may not be Zambia’s most attractive area of interest, however this commercial and governmental hub is relaxed and friendly with a laid back atmosphere. Between the multi-storeys and high-risers, there are wide avenues lined with pretty jacarandas, which in the summer appear to turn whole streets purple.

what to do in lusaka?

Whether you wish to shop or not, we still recommend heading to some of the local markets. The colourful atmospheres are an interesting experience and you can find anything from motor spare and fish, to local hairdressers. The main street in Lusaka is Cairo Road, the centre of the markets and bazaars. We recommend Lumumba Market, the largest and Soweto Market, found two roads west of Cairo Road. There is also a new, smarter roofed market built along Freedom Way. We recommend you attend markets with a guide, to help with the customs and guide you with prices.

For curiosities and crafts, you can visit Kabwata Cultural Village or the Sunday Craft Market at the Arcades Shopping Centre, there is also an excellent craft market in the Kabulonga suburb, on the grounds of the Dutch Reform Church. For an excellent range of ceramics, try Moore Pottery Centre on the east side of Kabalanga Road.

You may not want to spend too much time in the city during your safari, but it’s a great way to acclimatise to your new surroundings and meet the local people. You could even let your hair down in a local upmarket nightclub or restaurant. Lusaka International Airport is connected to the main tourist attractions in Zambia, so it is easy to connect from here. It is also at the major junction of the main roads in Zambia, heading north, south, east and west. 


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