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Highlights and main attractions of Lower Zambezi National Park

Highlights and main attractions of Lower Zambezi National Park

In regards to accommodation, you have a number of choices in and around Livingstone with some of our favourites being the lovely Tongabezi, Sussi and Chuma or the Islands of Siankaba. Being Zambia’s newest National Park, the Lower Zambezi remains relatively undeveloped, its beauty found in its wild state and wilderness demeanour. Its 4,092 square kilometre area shares a part of the Lower Zambezi Valley, a huge rift in the crust of the earth, renowned for its game. The Zambezi River flows through here, with Lower Zambezi National Park on the north-western bank and Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, directly opposite. 

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A beautiful floodplain runs alongside the river dotted with curved lagoons and sandbanks and peppered with acacias, tall leadwoods, ebonies and fig trees. The bush underneath is nearly absent at some points, allowing for clear sightings and a good environment for walking safaris – unless the game spots you first! The floodplains are  in turn flanked by a steep escarpment, covered in miombo woodland, which acts as a natural barrier for the resident wildlife.

The wildlife here is not as diverse as other areas of Zambia, however it is dense and there are always fantastic sightings, especially along the river. As most of the wildlife is attracted to its sweet waters, you will often be able to watch game wandering across the Zambezi channels. Herds of elephant up to 100 strong are attracted to the apple-ring fruits and buffalo and waterbuck hop from one island to the next. Antelope species are dominated by large herds of impala, and there are eland, zebra, kudu, wildebeest and duiker. The major predators include lion and leopard as well as spotted hyena, whilst wild dog sightings do occur but sightings are rare. There are 378 recorded bird species - listen for the cries of fish eagles, as well as wading birds, kingfishers, heron and bee-eater.

Boat trips down the Zambezi are a must and you can dodge hippo pods in your canoe. Walking safaris here are fantastic and you can embark on fishing trips to catch the mighty tigerfish.

There are a few camps and lodges to choose from, including Chiawa Camp – a luxurious yet rustic and unpretentious camp and Ol Mondoro Bushcamp - a simple and intimate camp focussed on wildlife and nature. 


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