• Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

Rwanda in November: weather and where to go

Rwanda in November: weather and where to go

November continues the short rains, and the weather is similar to that of the end of October. Rain comes in short heavy bursts, with an average of 140mm for the month as a whole. Similar to October, although this is not considered to be the best time to go to Rwanda to track mountain gorillas, but we wouldn’t let the rains put you. Rain can come at any time of year anyway, so no matter when you travel you should always be prepared for it.

The gorillas at this time can take shelter during the rains themselves, or youngsters can play out in the droplets. Before the rain comes it can be a little humid, leading to some fashionable frizzly gorilla locks. Photography at this time can be really impressive, the foliage can be vivid and green, making the ideal contrast to the dark hair of the gorillas. You may be able to get some photos of the gorillas actually in the rain, of with wet, curling hair. The trek itself at this time can be a bit tougher than the dryer months of December to February and June to September. However, it will depend on when it last rained, and how wet the ground is. 

Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

For chimpanzees, this is a great time to travel to Rwanda. As with the long rains, the precipitation at this time causes the fruits to bloom, and more tasty treats brings the chimpanzees out in to the open more, often on the forest floor.


As with anytime you travel to Rwanda, you can expect some rain in November, but we wouldn’t let it put you off travelling. This is a great time to combine the mountain gorillas with the golden monkeys and chimpanzees, and you can combine that with a safari in Kenya, or some beach time on Kenya’s coast, where it is an excellent time for snorkelling and diving.


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