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Donal Boyd

Expert Photographic Guide

Donal Boyd was born and raised in the Northeast USA in Boston. Over the past 16+ years Donal has established himself as an expert in photographic and film productions in Southern Africa, Iceland, and many other locations globally.

Now based in Iceland just outside of the capital city Reykjavik, Donal is well situated between the US and Europe with access to Africa to facilitate, direct, and produce commercial, documentary, and photographic projects through his personal brand Donal Boyd Studio and through his media production company Atlas 1 Studio.

Donal works with established international conservation organizations and small-scale conservation projects that need their story told, and sustainable commercial brands that aim to improve the overall well-being of life on Earth.

“My aim is to spark an emotional response in viewers that causes them to reflect on their own connection to nature, their relationship with the natural world, and their role in protecting it.”