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Rwanda Weather in May

Throughout the month of May there is still a large amount of rainfall which can be very persistent however; this enables the luscious and thick rainforest to flourish and truly come to life as well as its copious range of flora and fauna which inhabit it. Trekking through this type of land will always be difficult as the rainforest will always be quite marsh-like, so if you don’t mind about the wet weather don’t be put off booking your gorilla trekking holiday in May.

Similar to April, the mountain gorillas will often (but not always) stick to the lower slopes at this time, where it is warmer and food is more accessible for them. So treks can be shorter in terms of distance, although you can expect your fair share of mud and mess as you traverse the dense rainforests. It can and will still rain in May, so make sure you are prepared for this. Although it can rain at any time of the year, you are much more likely to encounter it at this time, and in longer bursts.

This is a good time to track the chimpanzees in Rwanda, as they stick to the forest floor, gorging on tasty fruit and figs that have ripened in the rains.

Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

Towards the end of the month, the rains do ease up, and in fact the end of May can be a great time to track the gorillas. With unpredictable weather, you can get some wonderful shots of the gorillas in the rain on one trek, and on another, have a nice and dry experience, for some totally different photos! This is something so great about this part of the world, especially in these transition periods between the wet and dry seasons.

With lower numbers of travellers, May can be a good choice for those who want to avoid any crowds elsewhere in the country. Although gorilla trek numbers are limited in Rwanda to just 8 people at a time. No matter when you travel, there will not be more people with the gorillas at one time. 


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