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The best time to go to the Republic of Congo

In the southern section of the Republic of Congo near the capital of Brazzaville for example, daily temperatures may fluctuate anywhere between 20 and 30°c, although it does tend to be slightly cooler in the long dry season in the middle of the year, making it more advisable to travel then. Further north, however, we see the seasons reverse, with the wetter months generally known to be between April and October. 

In general, the calendar year can be divided into the four following seasons that can be used as a rough guide when planning your trip. If heading to the area in and around Brazzaville and the southern parts of the country you should aim for travel in the long dry season between May and September, whilst the north is best visited in the short dry season between January and February. 

The climate in the Congo is generally equatorial and consistent, but there are some variations between the northern and southern regions to bear in mind. 

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When to go

This is a guide for the country as a whole, indicating good times to plan a holiday, taking into account popular places to visit, wildlife encounters and overall weather. Please remember that where in the country will vary depending on month of travel.

When to go by season

January to February

This period is known as a short dry season, and is an ideal time to visit the north, when road conditions are more favourable.

March to April

This shorter rainy season is less ideal for those planning to visit the rainforests, and those who decide to visit during this time should pack with rainy conditions in mind.

May to September

Generally perceived as the best time to visit the south, this is the longer dry season when it is easier to visit.  In the north however these are some of the wettest months so when you visit will depend on which areas you wish to see.

October to December

A longer rainy season, this is less ideal for those visiting the southern region, but in the north the rain starts to subside, entering a drier period in the new year.

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