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Highlights and main attractions of Palmarium Reserve

The private reserve of Palmarium is also known as Ankanin’ny Nofy which translates from Malagasy as ‘nest of dreams’. It is spread across 50 hectares of peninsula land in the Lake Ampitabe area on the East coast of Madagascar, nestled on the banks of the Pangalanes channel and the Indian Ocean. Separated from the latter by thin coastal sand dunes, the landscape otherwise comprises of littoral forest with relatively flat terrain and some well-kept trails for exploration. 

Palmarium represents one of the most beautiful areas along the Pangalanes Canal, where fishermen float by and go about their daily lives.


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flora and fauna

This Madagascar reserve is approximately two hours away by boat from Tamatave and is home to a smattering of small lodges that are dotted in amidst the thick forested banks of the Pangalanes. The isolation of the reserve means it is one of the few places in Madagascar where it is possible to come close to some of the least timid, free-ranging and tame lemur species on the island, including the largest lemurs, the Indri, as well as the famous dancing sifaka. Keen photographers should seriously consider including this in their itinerary for some great opportunities to get impressive snaps of these unafraid lemurs in the wild. The area is also home to the emblem of Madagasacar, the Ravinala, as well as frogs, reptiles, orchids, palm trees and the carnivorous pitcher plant. 

Some of the palm species found in this region are indeed amongst the rarest found on the island, including Ravenea, Orania,  Dypsis and Voanioala.

It is now possible to see aye aye during your stay at the Palmarium Lodge (Akanin’ny nofy). There’s a little island, 15 minutes by boat (on the way to Manambato from the hotel) where 6 aye aye individuals live. Visiting them can be arranged for the patrons of Palmarium Lodge only and the departure is set at 17.30. The expedition takes about one hour before riding back to the hotel.

Due to the abundant rains at some points in the year, the lush and aromatic vegetation includes coffee, cocoa, litchis, cinnamon and vanilla plantations. Local guides that are located specifically in Ankanin’ny Nofy will take you around the site and offer a guided tour of its highlights, and the Palmarium Lodge provides an ideal base for exploration of the area. 


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