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Highlights and main attractions of Berenty Reserve

This small private reserve is arguably one of the island’s better-known, and one of the last gallery forests to be found in Madagascar. Principally known for being one of the best spots to view confident and habituated ringtail and Verreaux sifaka lemurs at closer range, the reserve was established 70 years ago by the de Heaulme family to protect the 250 hectares of spiny and dry tamaring gallery forest that sit along the banks of the Mandrare River. 

The de Heaulme family still own and manage the reserve to this day, and due to the friendly and abundant wildlife appeal, it is now one of Madagascar’s main attractions. 

Madagascar - Ring tail lemurs
Berenty Lodge, Madagascar

What can I see here?

Berenty is situated 90 kilometres west of Fort Dauphin and what was mostly spiny forest is now predominantly a sea of sisal fields. There is a network of well-kept and wide trails which invite you to explore the depths of the reserve, meeting its inhabitants. Home to six different species of lemur, the ones you will come across are habituated, allowing for some close-up encounters and great photographs. You may also spot snakes, reptiles, and frogs, as well as the south’s largest Madagascar fruit bat colony. 

Birdlife is also perfectly viewable in the reserve without binoculars, including parrots, eagles, and paradise flycatchers amongst others. In the area, you will also find an interesting ethnological museum, which depicts the life of the local tribe, the Antandroy, as well as a model reconstruction of an Antandroy village.

There are some fantastic nocturnal walks to take advantage of, giving you the chance to witness the white-footed sportive lemur, red-and-grey mouse lemur, and grey mouse lemur.

The Berenty Lodge is the main accommodation option of the area and has environmentally-friendly and spacious wooden chalets set in the spiny forest. From here you can enjoy walks through the reserve as well as visits to the local art museum and sisal factory. 


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