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Highlights and main attractions of Amber Mountain National Park

Highlights and main attractions of Amber Mountain National Park

Amber Mountain National Park takes its name from the resin that is found in the local trees, said to hold medicinal qualities and still used by the local Malagasy people. Nestled near the northern tip of Madagascar, this mountainous park rises out of the drier surrounding landscape, has a cool climate and some wonderfully distinct scenery. Waterfalls, rainforests and volcanic lakes surround you, alongside an impressive level of biodiversity and plenty of endemic species of flora and fauna. 

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history and fauna

Located around 30 kilometres southwest of the town of Diego Suarez, the park was the first on the island to be granted national park status, back in 1956, protecting an expanse of land covering 185 kilometres and the abundant wildlife within it.  Some of the most popular circuits of the park will incorporate a visit to three waterfalls, the Antomboka, the Sacred Waterfall - which has an enticing pool, and a third admirable Fall. Those with limited time and a keen interest in wildlife may wish to head straight to the Sacred Waterfall; here there are lots of lemurs, orchids and birds.


With lots of endemic flora and fauna, you are likely to encounter a huge range of animal life, from chameleons, geckos and frogs, to butterflies, rare aye-ayes, Rufous mouse lemur and dwarf lemurs. It is well worth keeping your eyes peeled for some of the smaller critters that call Amber Mountain home, some of which are the most interesting. 

The pill millipede is found here, known for curling itself up into a perfectly spherical ball, as well as tiny, leaf-mimic chameleons.

Those looking to stay within the park will be restricted to onsite camping, but nearby Joffreville has a selection of properties. This is an old French colonial town where some of the architecture of the period still remains and the laid back, village atmosphere will have you easily absorbed. 


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