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Highlights and main attractions of the Maldives

Highlights and main attractions of the Maldives

Over one thousand ringed islands, an underworld utopia of dazzling colour and perfect beaches to leave you breathless; the Maldives are your gateway to enchanted islands that have become synonymous with paradise. Home to some of the most luxurious hideaways on earth, here sumptuous spas, fine cuisine and world-class diving sites are all regularly voted the best on the planet. Seize the opportunity to connect with the Robinson Crusoe inside of you, at once blissfully disconnected from civilisation (Wi-Fi optional!) and connected to some of the most dramatically vibrant natural beauty, which really does have to be seen to be believed.

The Republic of the Maldives is a small nation in the heart of the Indian Ocean on the equator and is a collection of islands that starts approximately 450 miles southwest of Sri Lanka and runs over 868 kilometres. Only a relatively small percentage of these islands are inhabited, perhaps a little over 200, which means there is plenty of undeveloped natural beauty that can be explored using a luxury resort as a base. 

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The capital, Male, (pronounced Ma-ley) is the administrative and commercial centre, where the international airport is located. Arriving at Male, you will journey onward to your chosen atoll either by speedboat or seaplane. The seaplane transfers alone are an experience not to be missed, as these wonderful light aircraft that have been adapted to take off and land on water give you a breathtaking aerial view of the brilliant necklace of coral islands that pass beneath you. 

A destination that commands the attention of any dive enthusiast or marine lover, the Maldives’ ancient coral reefs grow around the edges of prehistoric volcanoes and literally teem with life, with in excess of 700 fish species. Some incredible dive sites exist, often located in the channels between atolls where the speed of water movement allows for excellent drift diving.

Honeymooners regularly fall under the spell of the Maldives for its combination of sublime privacy and exquisite and idyllic surrounds, but it also makes for the perfect two-centre itinerary when twinned with other destinations like Sri Lanka, where you can start your itinerary with an active cultural tour before relaxing, island style.

Although the Maldives has only been a holiday destination for roughly 40 years, it has rapidly reached the forefront of resort development offering some of highest barefoot luxury and more recently high end eco-hotels known on the planet. Resorts are generally formed on individual islands offering an enchanting escape and solitude; accommodation styles can vary from rustic beach fronted villas, many with exhilarating and secluded outdoor bathrooms, to unique stilted water bungalows that provide access to the crystal and cobalt blue waters that are buzzing with life. Interestingly, the first underwater restaurant, nightclub and spa were all pioneered in the Maldives.


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