Indian Ocean Honeymoons

Everything you need to know about honeymoons in the Indian Ocean

The word ‘honeymoon’ immediately conjures up images comprised of sea, sand, bright blue sky and the shadows of palm trees cast by a brilliant sun. The islands and nations fringing the Indian Ocean tick all of these boxes – and then some. 

Combine a stay here with an African safari and you have yourself a holiday in marital heaven. After all, opposites attract…


Take soft sand and coral reefs cupping calm, clear turquoise shallows, add a colourful cast of marine species, and top it with a choice of luxury accommodation and you have the makings of a perfectly tailored honeymoon. But paradise without passion is no paradise at all. Safari – the thrill of life in its beautiful battle for survival – injects an exhilarating change of pace into your honeymoon. 

Whether it’s Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, India or Sri Lanka, an Indian Ocean honeymoon offers the chance to combine nerve-tingling wildlife encounters with blissed-out strolls on picture-perfect beaches.


From the Maldives’ necklace of turquoise atolls, to the tropical sands of Mauritius and the golden beaches and lush vegetation of the Seychelles – the honeymoon destination of a certain Kate and Wills – the Indian Ocean delivers world-leading beach resort options by the spadeful. But if you’d like to follow snorkelling alongside turtles and garish tropical fish with seeing some of the most striking wildlife wonders on dry land then an Indian Ocean honeymoon offers some incredible combinations. You could, for example, see the migration of wildebeest in Kenya as they teeter between the jaws of crocodiles and cheetahs, and then head off to the island escapes of the bird-rich Seychelles. Or you could hit the green fairways, white sands and deep-blue sea of Mauritius before seeing lions in South Africa or elephants in Botswana, or even lemurs in Madagascar. Or you could mix the Maldives with spotting big cats in the forests of India or Sri Lanka. 

Whatever your choice of destinations, rest assured that you’ll be staying in hotels and lodges that are good enough for royalty – which is exactly how your beloved spouse deserves to be treated, right?


The Seychelles and the Maldives are perfect for year-round lounging, while Mauritius and Madagascar are best between April and December. May to October is peak time for safaris in South Africa and Botswana, while visiting Kenya in August-September would give you the best chance to see the planet’s greatest migration in action. 

We will, of course, put you in the right place at the right time to ensure you get the most out of your double bill of Indian Ocean adventures.


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