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Botswana Weather in March

Botswana Weather in March

Summer steadily comes to an end in March with temperatures cooling down and rains dropping off. Some moisture and heat still remain though and this is the peak time for mosquitoes in Botswana. 

We recommend wearing lightweight long-length clothing with closed ankles and wrists if possible. Mosquitoes are more prevalent around damp areas, and lakes and rivers in particular, so you may want to plan you safari around this. If you are looking to travel with children it is worth taking into consideration the numbers of mosquitoes and the risk of malaria and perhaps look at travelling at a different time of year if possible.

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Large groups of zebra will remain in the Kalahari in March after their migration from the Boteti River so sightings of these are high. This also means chances of spotting predators targeting zebra will also be higher than other times of year, especially lions.

If you are looking to combine your Botswana safari with a trip to Victoria Falls, March can be a bit unpredictable. Water levels are high due to the recent rainy season however, if rains continue then there will be too much mist and cloud coverage to get good views of the falls.

That being said, it is not the best time to go to Botswana and it is better to go a little later in the year if that is a possibility for you.

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