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Botswana Weather in January

Botswana Weather in January

January and February are the peak of Botswana’s rainy season with an average rainfall over 100mm a month. Although this comes in downpours and can be somewhat unpredictable, January is still one of the least favourable times to visit. Temperatures are cooler than October – December though, so if this is preferable for you then it will still be possible to visit in January. 

Being off-season, January is a significantly cheaper time to visit, but as with December, this means some lodges and camps may close.  Please ask one of our safari experts and they will be able to advise the best locations for your chosen time of year.

Botswana wildlife: Sitatunga aerial shot

In the more north easterly parts of the Chobe National Park rainfall is the most extreme and south western parks such as Kgalagadi, on average, receive notably less rainfall. Gemsbok are the emblem of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and are often seen in larger groups during the rainy season. They are forced to search out fresh vegetation and become nomadic meaning you will see them regularly during game drives here. Birds of prey are also famous at Kgalagadi, seeking out their targets and going in for the kill. This is a spectacular sight for birdwatchers and photographers alike.

If you have a particular interest in birds, the rainy season could be the best time for you to visit. During the drier months it is easier to spot wildlife for a number of reasons; it gathers around water sources and is easier to see in short grasses or dry plains. Being rainy season means it is much harder to see the wildlife as it is more scattered and hides in the long grasses. Please ask our specialists if you have any specific requests or want to know more about travelling to Botswana in January.

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