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Highlights and main attractions of Khwai Community Reserve

Highlights and main attractions of Khwai Community Reserve

Nestling adjacent to the north-eastern border of the Moremi Game Reserve, the Khwai  Development Trust Community Concession is a community-run reserve located on the banks of the Khwai River, spread across 180,000 hectares of land. With the river being the only source of water for miles, it acts like a magnet for wildlife, all of which are drawn to drink from its source, making terrific game viewing. 

Wild dogs, Botswana

San Bushmen and Wildlife

There are approximately 400 Babukahwe or San Bushmen who reside in Khwai, and they are actively involved in conservation and eco-tourism activities in the reserve. The diverse habitats within the concession include floodplains, savannah, riverine and gallery forest are home to a vast array of flora, fauna and birdlife.


The woodland areas are home to primates, leopard and bird species, whilst floodplains teem with game species such as zebra, buffalo, eland, sable, kudu, tsessebe and wildebeest. The woodland areas bring many elephants, and you may also catch sight of predators such as lion and leopard prowling for prey if you are lucky. Wild dogs are also known to den and breed in the area, particularly during the months of June and July.  

Birdlife is also prolific with a total of 450 recorded species and keen ornithologists should keep a keen eye out for Verreux’s eagle owl, long-toed lapwing, Arnott’s chat and Senegal coucal.

Banoka Bushcamp, named after the river Bushmen, and ancestors, of the region, is an elevated and solar-powered camp that hosts mokoro rides along the channel, as well as guided game walks and drives of the region. Sango Safari Camp is also set on the outskirts of the Khwai village overlooking the river, with meru-style tents designed in a traditional tented camp style.


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