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Highlights and main attractions of Chobe National Park

Highlights and main attractions of Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is often frowned upon by African safari aficionados when compared alongside other wildlife viewing areas of Botswana. As a national park rather than a private concession, it is accessible via a variety of camps and lodges, rather than just the camps on the concession itself, hence it attracts larger crowns. In our opinion, however, Chobe along with Savute is definitely worthy of consideration when planning your Botswana safari. 

Predators include wild dog and cheetah (although not seen regularly), healthy prides of lions and leopards. Rhino are unfortunately no longer present in the park. Night drives are not possible in Chobe due to its National Park status, and there are strict hours of opening when safari-goers are allowed to access it. Game drives are also restricted to the various tracks that access the different corners of the park.

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Chobe River and Savute

With a permanent water source in the form of the Chobe River, Chobe is big game country. Located in the north-east of the park, from June to November, it is inundated with some of the largest buffalo and elephant herds on the African continent, with migratory herds coming from as far away as Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This is truly a wildlife experience not to be missed and it all takes place in the amazing setting of the Chobe Riverfront. During the wet season months the game disperses through the deeper regions of the National Park. Boat and sundowner cruises here add a different dimension to your experience, as you glide past gigantic crocodiles, fish eagles, monitor lizards and elephants drinking.


Located in the south-western stretch of Chobe, enchanting Savute covers 1,900 square miles and is known for its high concentration of predators, in particular its pride of lions that has adapted to hunting elephants. The intriguing Savute marsh was once fed by a section of the Linyanti River, but is nowadays generally dry, despite being known to mysteriously dry up or flood irrespective of local rains. Today, parts of the Savute are parched and almost desert-like in their appearance. However, there are grassland areas and pans which retain water for months after the rains, enticing animals and birds to stay well into the drier months from May to November.  

Other predators that exist in numbers include large numbers of spotted hyenas and, rather surprisingly, a number of leopard who favour the rocky outcrops that are present in the area. Giraffe, impala, wildebeest, buffalo, kudu, wild dog and tsessebe are all other animals you can expect to see in the Savute region. 

Savuti Camp is located in a remote and magical area, consisting of swamp, grasslands and sandy plains, making it a perfect base.

Within the riverfront area, Chobe Game Lodge offers spacious accommodation with friendly staff and a lovely position on the banks of the Chobe River. One of our favourites, however, is the Chobe Chilwero Lodge, located only a few minutes outside the park; a luxury lodge with a beautiful spa and views out over the Chobe River and the neighbouring Caprivi Strip of Namibia. We also love Muchenje Safari Lodge, aprivately run and utterly beautiful lodge overlooking the Chobe River with excellent activities, including game drives, river safaris, cultural visits and night drives with spotlights.

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