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Natural World Safaris

Natural World Safaris is a travel fixer, curating unique journeys and unlocking rare experiences in the natural world. We operate in over 40 destinations worldwide from the iconic savannahs of Africa to Earth's wildest polar fringes. Our travel style combines exploration with elegance on bespoke and small group specialist-led safaris.

Why Natural World Safaris for your safari?

We originally started back in 2005 as World Primate Safaris. Our CEO and Founder Will Bolsover spent many years in the jungles of Central and East Africa, working in the gorilla parks of Uganda and Rwanda, the Eastern Lowland Gorilla and mountain Gorilla Parks of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and tracking the chimpanzees of Tanzania in Mahale and Gombe. He was the first person to lead gorilla treks in Gabon working with Emmanuel de Merode who now runs Virunga National Park in DRC.

Today NWS is a global brand that retains its niche focus, designed to bring people into close contact with iconic wildlife species across six continents. We don't specialise in specific countries like other companies do - instead, we can take you to over 40 different destinations worldwide, focusing always on the wildlife experience. No-one else had taken this approach to travel before, and we remain at the forefront of natural world travel to this very day.

Our specialist expertise is spread across the globe - speak to us to start designing your ideal wildlife safari.

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