• Emperor penguin with chicks, Antarctica

the best places to go in november

The Indian Ocean Islands provide a welcome getaway in November and provide plenty of opportunity to explore the underwater world. In the Seychelles water visibility regularly reaches over 30 metres in November while in Mauritius November is typically fairly dry; perfect for hitting the beach.

It is the short rainy season on mainland Africa making it harder work on safari. The likes of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia still provide great game viewing as the rains have not yet started, East Africa is however less fortunate. This does mean however that you may be able to secure some shoulder season deals for destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania and seeing as the rains are often only short afternoon showers anyway, it is still a great time to go! 

Even the gorillas will not be in hiding during this rainy month – yes, it will be slightly more slippery underfoot, however in Uganda you may be able to secure discounted gorilla permits and it can even make for better photography as bedraggled gorillas pose for you in the rain…!


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If you want to avoid the afternoon showers of East Africa, then head to Asia and the tigers of India. By now the parks have been open for a month and therefore the roads and bridges will all have been repaired following the monsoons earlier in the year and you will also be in advance of the peak Christmas period. The quieter months for the tiger parks are ideal, as even though tiger sightings are slightly less frequent, you avoid the mad rush of tiger fanatics that in all honesty at certain times can make the parks fairly unbearable. Having said that, we always make use of specific properties that have the best guides and vehicles ensuring that at whatever time of the year it is, you are always offered the best tiger safari experience possible. 

Back to Africa for something a little different; November is when the largest mammal migration on the planet occurs. Over eight million puppy-size bats swarm into the wetlands of Zambia creating an incredible spectacle.

In Antarctica emperor penguin chicks start to prepare for their first ocean outing. Flying into Snow Hill by helicopter and walking 45 minutes to the colony puts you right into the heart of the rowdy rookery for some incredible photography opportunities. Heading to the north to the Arctic, November is a good month for both the aurora borealis and polar bear tracking in Arctic Canada.

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