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the best places to go on safari in may

the best places to go on safari in may

April and May are the start of the drier season in Madagascar and provide a great opportunity to avoid the busier months but still see some great wildlife. 

From one exotic island to another – Madagascar is often even referred to as the African Galapagos – we head to the Galapagos Islands The Galapagos Islands offer pretty much a year round destination, the month of May however does offer a few little highlights worth mentioning including:

  • Tortoises laying eggs 
  • Great frigate birds mating and nesting on Genovesa Island 
  • Waved albatross nesting 
  • Marine and land iguanas nesting 
  • The end of the green sea turtles nesting season 

May and June in the Galapagos both offer a lovely climate with the earlier intense hot months fading and there still being plenty of clear skies.

While it is the start of the rainy season in Costa Rica it is still a good time of year to see Leatherback sea turtles in the beautiful Tortuguero National Park. Sloths are also typically easier to see in the rainy season as the vegetation flourishes.

May marks the start of the season for game viewing in Botswana, while elsewhere in Africa May sees the start of the extraordinary great sardine run in South Africa where swirling “bait balls” of fish attract marine predators including several species of shark.

May is the beginning of the polar bear season in Svalbard As the region moves into summer, the ice starts to melt and the more northerly sections of the Spitsbergen Archipelago become accessible. At this time, small ships are able to navigate the ice in order to reach the pack ice in the high Arctic and look out for roaming polar bears. Join our Svalbard Polar Bear Explorer in May to be one of the first in the season to encounter the mighty King of the Arctic!

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