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The best places to go on safari in march

The best places to go on safari in march

Why not visit the tropical island of Borneo during March and April? During these months you can expect to swim with the beautiful whale sharks that migrate through these waters every year. Sightings can never be guaranteed however for years now if you put the time in then you are justly rewarded. 

March itself is not the best month to visit Borneo, however you can still combine this with a visit to the Orangutan rehabilitation centre of Sepilok, a river safari along the Kinabatangan or a stay at the lovely Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley – one of the best spots to see orangutans in the wild.

Entirely unique and only accessible during a couple of specific weeks of the year, the emergence of polar bear mums with their newborn cubs from their dens is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Located at the cosy old navy communications base of Wappusk Lodge (also known as Wat’chee) in the middle of Arctic Canada, only a few places are available each year and places are regularly booked over a year in advance. This is the largest polar bear denning site and regularly delivers quality sightings – prepare to be patient though as time is spent cosied up in polar rovers or similar as you await movement as the mother exits the den with their newborn cubs. Other wildlife that you can hope to see during your time here includes ptarmigan, caribou herds, wolves, Arctic fox and if you are lucky even the mesmerising northern lights!

Avoiding the cyclone months of January and February, while March is still in the wet season it is also a prime time to see the reptiles and chameleons of Madagascar…It is a fairly rainy month however so we would recommend really only travelling if you are an avid reptile or amphibian fanatic!

If you don’t mind the rain then some people think this is one of the best months to visit Zambia. The scenery is incredible and hippos in Luangwa National Park are giving birth. You’ll need to take your waterproofs though as there can be significant rainfall. 

March is a good month for tracking the beautiful snow leopards in north India, as the leopards come down from the higher altitudes in search of food.  

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