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the best places to go on safari in june

the best places to go on safari in june

Make the most of shoulder season prices and head to see the big game of Botswana! Botswana is renowned for being one of the most expensive and exclusive safari destinations on the African continent and therefore if you have limited funds, take advantage of this shoulder season. On the numerous times we have visited Botswana during the shoulder seasons of either June or December, we have still seen some fantastic wildlife, just without the crowds! 

If you have tracked the mountain gorillas already and want to see their relatives then why not head to the Republic of Congo to track the lowland gorillas of Odzala National Park…? Accessible from May through to December, this is one of the only places in the world where you can track lowland gorillas in the wild. Staying at the unique forest lodging of Lango and Ngaga Camps, you have access to some of the most pristine central African rainforest remaining on the planet. Other highlights during your 7 night stay can include admiring forest elephants as they graze the bais (open forest clearings), forest buffalo, red river hogs and even bongo!

Moving to the other side of the globe we visit the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, home to the elusive jaguar. June is the beginning of the jaguar watching season as temporary water sources dry up and jaguars are forced to come to the river banks of the more permanent rivers. Jaguar spotting safaris are principally carried out in boats as you patrol the river banks scanning for this formidable predator. With a 100% success rate to date, jaguar spotting is one of our favourites; you will maximise your chances however if you wait until later in the season (August and September), when water is scarce and jaguars are more regularly seen in proximity to the permanent rivers.

Early June is also the best month to travel to Arctic Canada to witness and swim with the unicorns of the sea; narwhals. During the summer months they travel along the floe edge looking for cracks in the ice to travel up through. At this time of year you can camp just back from the floe edge offering a fantastic opportunity to see them. In areas such as Baffin Island you can also see polar bears, where the melting ice floe leaves them travelling over a reduced area, hunting along the coast line.

If you want to see the largest land predator on the face of the earth then this is the first month of the year when you can access the Arctic oceans of Svalbard. The season runs from June through to September, however the earlier you go the more chances you have of seeing the wildlife of the north with a nice snowy white background; as the season progresses the snow and ice melts leaving a more greyish background which is not as ideal for photography. Safaris to this region (principally in expedition ships) are immensely popular and we always advise booking as far in advance as possible – ensure you book more than a year in advance if you want to secure your preferred cabins and dates of travel. June is also an excellent month for travelling to Arctic Canada in search of narwhal. 

Outside of peak season, June is an excellent month to visit Zambia and offers a good opportunity to spot big cats. June is also an excellent month for diving with great whites in South Africa as they congregate for the great sardine run, along with several other shark species, dolphins, humpback whales and cape fur seals.

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