Where to go on Safari in January

Our expert guide to the best safari and adventure holidays in January. Find the best places to visit around the world with Natural World Safaris.

The best places to go on safari in january

New year, new safari - that's what we say anyway. January is the perfect time to travel to various locations around the world, and you'll find some very unique experiences available. We've detailed some of our favourite places to travel to in January below.



Antarctica has to be one of our favourites – ok, so you won’t be escaping the cold, however a trip down south will offer excitement in abundance. The month of January offers the longest periods of daylight and also some of the warmest temperatures that the frozen south has to offer. January provides prime time for seal pups and also penguins hatching so the ‘cute appeal’ is in abundance. Towards the end of the month whale sightings are also on the increase which provides a great diversion whilst sailing the seas. 

If you are looking for somewhere slightly warmer than the Antarctic then the Galapagos Islands are your best bet. With great wildlife sightings all year round (except September when most boats are dry docked) the month of January offers a milder climate with sporadic rain showers and is an ideal time for a family getaway (if you can get your kids out of school!) as you avoid the peak holiday months. From a wildlife perspective some of the January attractions you can expect include the marine iguanas still having their bright colours, green sea turtles laying their eggs and the breeding season for the Isabela land iguanas.  For those birders out there, January is also the nesting season or finches and warblers and you may even see hawks feasting on young marine iguanas on Fernandina Island. 



For the big game then head to Tanzania. At this time of the year the wildebeest herds will be in the southern Serengeti and will be giving birth so the big cats will be hot on their heels! This can lead to quite a gory spectacle but if you want the true Africa then this is the time to go. Bear in mind that this is not the time to see river crossings as the herds during these months are on the southern grassy plains. If you want dramatic crossings with crocs snapping at the herds heels, then the Grumeti River in July is ideal or alternatively the northern Serengeti from August through to October.

It’s also a good month to travel to Rwanda and Uganda for gorilla and chimpanzee tracking.

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