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The best places to go on safari in february

The best places to go on safari in february

Rwanda is one of our favourites for the month of February. If we are honest, the gorilla viewing is not specifically any better, it’s purely because you are out of the peak holiday months, it’s still great weather, and if you want to combine it with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania then it is also a great time to see game! Having access to some of the best flight options in central and east Africa, we can fly you directly from Rwanda into the heart of the action in Serengeti National Park.

The tigers of India start hotting up around the month of February. This is when the local temperatures start increasing, the grass dies back and there are only a few remaining permanent water sources, making tiger movements easier to predict and therefore increasing chances of sightings. 


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Maybe not the best month for visiting the Kruger National Park or its surrounds, February is ideal for maybe taking a few days to explore the Cape in South Africa. February provides some of the best weather with dry conditions relatively little wind, making a week in Cape Town enjoying all it has to offer, or dipping into the winelands, perfect. Whilst not perfect for game viewing, it is not impossible to visit some of the game parks around Kruger, or maybe even a short trip to Botswana where you will benefit from some great shoulder season rates.

The months of January through to March provide a truly unique experience in the southern region of Botswana. During these months the rains arrive in the Makgadikgadi flooding the pans, grasses grow, flamingos flock and huge herds of wildebeest and zebra arrive to graze on the fresh pastures. Nxai Pan is also popular during these months as herds of herbivores congregate on the fresh grasses, themselves providing nourishment for the resident cheetah, lion and brown and spotted hyenas. 

February is a good month to visit Kenya if you are heading to the Central Highlands and Rift Valley where the end of the dry season makes game spotting easier with animals congregating around available water holes. It’s also a good time to visit the coastal areas where the ocean breeze makes the heat more comfortable. If it’s beach time you’re after then it’s also a good month to travel to the Indian Ocean, in particular the Maldives where marine life and visibility are better towards the east.

If you prefer the cold to the heat then February is a good time of year for seeing penguin chicks fledge in Antarctica as it comes to the end of the travel season to the great white continent.

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