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the best places to go on safari in august

Who would have thought that Sri Lanka actually has the highest volume of leopards of any national park in the world – well it does! Between the months of March and October you will find leopard sightings are at their best in Yala National Park. The month of August itself is the optimum time to experience the elephant gathering in Minneriya National Park as the lowlands become parched of water and the herds are forced to move in search of more regular food and water sources.

Another highlight that you would be mad not to experience if you are in Sri Lanka in late July or early August is the Esala Perahera Festival – this festival celebrates the relic of the sacred tooth of the Buddha and takes place in the city of Kandy in and around the ornate Temple of the Tooth. 

With cooling temperatures and the country drying out, Namibia is a place to head to from August onwards as water sources become few and far between and the big game makes its way to the more permanent watering holes. As one of the best destinations for self-drive safaris, Namibia is easy to navigate and provides world class exploration and adventure as well as some great game viewing. For photographers, don’t expect the regular big game of the likes of Botswana and East Africa, concentrate more on the unique environs and dramatic topographies of areas such as the dune-lands of Sossusvlei and the ferocious Skeleton Coast. 

August is in the middle of the dry season for several destinations which can make for some great wildlife viewing. In Borneo the trees are fruiting making it a good month for seeing orangutans who venture down from the trees to feast on the fruit. In South America the jungle areas east of the Andes in Peru scarlet macaws flock around salt licks while in the Pantanal in Brazil it’s a good time for seeing jaguars as they congregate at the watering holes.

In Alaska and Canada grizzly bears are still congregating for the salmon run making for some great bear-watching opportunities. You might even see a spirit bear who feast during the summer months in preparation for their winter hibernation. 

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