• Swimming with blue whales in Sri Lanka

Unique & unusual journeys into the natural world

Unique & unusual journeys into the natural world

There is no doubt that heading off to explore some of the more remote regions of our incredible planet adds an extra level of excitement to your holiday. Whilst all our safaris are special, we have selected a few that we think are really unusual. 

Narwhal tusks, Arctic Canada safari
Polar bear close up


This unique trip combines some adventurous and unique opportunities; swimming with narwhal (the unicorns of the sea), tracking polar bears on foot, camping on sea ice and kayaking at what feels like the end of the earth. This trip can only be done in the summer months as the polar bears scour the floe edge for prey and the narwhal are migrating.

Northern lights, Arctic Canada
Caribou herd, Arctic Canada

Caribou and autumn northern lights

Travel deep into the barren Arctic tundra amidst the perfect photographic backdrop of the vivid colours of autumn, taking in the magnificent aerial view as you arrive via small charter plane. Here you will find the 350,000 strong herd of Qamanirijuaq caribou preparing for their winter migration southwards. Kayak with them as they island hop across Ennadai Lake and then track these stunning full-racked mammals on foot. You also may encounter grizzly bears, black bears, wolves and golden eagles on your travels.

Emperor Penguins
Icebergs, Antarctica

Emperor penguins and the south pole

Staying at a luxurious base camp on the driest, windiest and coldest continent on the face of the earth, this incredible trip not only includes meeting the largest penguins in the world (up to 1.3 metres in height), but also a charter flight to the geographical south pole. Whilst you’re here you might as well look out for adelie penguins, navigate ice tunnels and make the most out of the experience, which can be tailored to be as adrenaline charged as you fancy. Learn the skills of a polar explorer, climb Nunatak mountain, have a go at kite surfing or visit the local science bases; Antarctica offers adventure for everybody.

Western lowland gorilla in Central African Republic
Forest elephants in Central African Republic

Deepest African adventure; gorillas, jungle and tribal encounters

For a twist on the traditional African safari experience, navigate the wild waterways and intrepid jungles of the Central African Republic and Republic of Congo. Here you can track the fast paced lowland gorillas, meet shy forest elephants, witness first-hand the elusive bongo, join the Ba’Aka tribe for a hunt and even try the local wine. This unique safari provides experiences available nowhere else in the world and is about as far from the beaten track as you can get - beware of long treks and transfers, and minimal infrastructure. Not for the faint-hearted but most definitely unusual.

Indri lemur in Madagascar
Masoala beach, Madagascar

River and beach camping in Madagascar

Step away from the tourist trails of Madagascar and into your own wildlife journey. This trip involved night walks, community visits, spiny forests, ancestral caves and numerous lemur species as you camp alongside rivers and beaches. Any journey to Madagascar is going to be unusual, but this one takes the biscuit as you wake surrounded by eerie fog in which floats the lingering call of the indri.

Puma Tracking in Patagonia, Chile

Winter puma tracking in Chile

This unique trip is the first of its kind to track the stunning South American puma in the winter months in Chile. Deep in Patagonian Chile, in Torres del Paine National Park, traverse wild terrain looking for these big cats, as well as exploring caves and discovering intriguing rock formations. Watch out for other wildlife too including Andean condors, Chilean flamingos, southern caracara and much more. You get to stay in the luxurious Explora Patagonia as a bonus.

Swimming with blue whales in Sri Lanka
Whale, Sri Lanka

Swimming with blue whales in Sri Lanka

Telling people you're going swimming with the largest animal known to have lived on the face of the earth is like saying you have won the lottery. This wonderful trip puts you in the right place, at the right time with just the right guide to snorkel with these huge marine mammals and be photographed with them - so you will come home with evidence of your brave and magnificent feat.

Spirit Bear. Spirit Bear Lodge
Spirit Bear. Spirit Bear Lodge

Cruise the coast of BC in search of spirit bears

On the ground, rivers spawn with writhing salmon and over them tower some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees. These ancient woods down the coast of British Columbia are home to the mystical spirit bear, a white bear of native legend that has sparked myth and legend, as well as scientific intrigue. During your time navigating tight inlets and magnificent coastline, watch out for wolves and grizzlies, as well as eagles.

Bengal tiger safari, India
Snow leopard tracking in Ladakh, Himalayas

Trekking in Asia in search of big cats

Explore everything from steamy jungles and green forest to the lightly frosted Himalayas on this adventurous big cat safari to Asia. Starting in India, trek high into the mountains in search of snow leopards before coming back down for some tiger trekking. Lastly, cross the border to Sri Lanka for your third and final big cat, the Asiatic leopard.

One horned rhino, India
Jaagir Lodge, India

Indian unicorn safari

A wild Indian safari in which you track the fascinating Rhinoceros Unicornis, 80% of which live in Kaziranga National Park. This unique animal is wonderful to track and the safari doesn't skip on other Indian wildlife, including tigers, water buffalos, pythons and vultures to name a few. You get to see some of the intriguing culture of which India is so well known as well during a quick stop in Delhi and Khajuraho (where you will find some very erotic sculptures).

If you are looking for an unusual holiday that will see you encountering wildlife and taking in landscapes that many people will have never heard of, let alone visited, then let us know. We love nothing more than planning extraordinary adventures in our extraordinary world.

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