The ultimate wildlife safari collection

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we have gone back to our roots and pulled together a collection of four of the world's most incredible wildlife safaris. Each trip specialises in seeing one wildlife type, either big cats, bears, primates or marine. You can also tie all four ultimate safaris together to enjoy the entire collection! Find out more about each safari below.

Each trip is ultimate in it's own right, taking you to the right place at the right time to get the best wildlife encounters possible. 

The Ultimate Bear Safari

Explore North America and the Arctic on the search for magnificent spirit bears, majestic polar bears and incredible grizzly bears.

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The Ultimate Big Cat Safari

The best safari for big cat enthusiasts, track big cats throughout Chile, Africa, Asia, Russia and beyond.

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The Ultimate Marine Safari

Meet the best marine wildlife around the globe, from narwhal, blue and beluga whales, to the amazing wildlife of the Galapagos.

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The Ultimate Primate Safari

The ultimate primate journey to track primates across the globe, from gorillas and chimpanzees in Africa to orangutans Asia.

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