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Will Bolsover

Founder & CEO

Setting up NWS 11 years ago, I am founder or CEO of NWS - whichever you prefer! Traditionally I loved being involved in sales, but nowadays I have moved into more of an overarching role, keeping an eye on a bit of everything and taking the lead on new frontier products that set us apart from the rest. My expertise lends itself to working with journalists, getting our name out into the public domain and exporting new destinations that hopefully push the boundaries in more than one way.

Recent trips include Siberian tigers, Gorillas in Congo, and Zakouma National Park in Chad. Edgy but good; reminding us what travel is really about.

In March 2019, Will was named by Condé Nast Traveler as one of its Top 50 Global Travel Specialists of the year. Will's expertise and experience has seen him act as a fixer for individual clients and notable partners, taking a hands-on approach to leading on the ground. As the Founder & CEO of Natural World Safaris, he has championed the efforts of some of the world's leading conservation charities, including Wild Aid and African Parks, the latter for which Will has been named one of four global conservation partners. Read our blog on the news to find out more about Will and his experiences in the world of wildlife travel.