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Chloe Brown

Marketing Assistant

Working at NWS gives me the opportunity to combine my creativity with my love for wildlife, travel and the natural world. I specialise in the design side of things; creating brochures, itineraries for our clients and our website. If you have been to Svalbard with us, you will have received one of my maps in your trip log! Outside of NWS, I am an artist and illustrator, spending a lot of my free time painting in nature and thinking about my next adventures.

Recently I was lucky enough to go on of our Svalbard expeditions. There is nothing quite like seeing your first ever polar bear, nor are there words or photographs that can express the beauty of exploring this untouched landscape. You feel on top of the world; focused on the patterns of nature, the movements of the day and the soft sounds of nature, calmness and stillness surrounding you, nature at its purist.

What is your most memorable wildlife encounter?

Walking through the swampy marshes of the Everglades in the extreme humidity, seeing weird and wonderful insects, lizards and camouflaged alligators gliding through the waters. I remember being sat by a derelict building with my feet in the water, no one in sight and no sounds other than birds… watching something huge and dinosaur-like moving in the water a few metres away - a family of wild manatees!

Do you have any travel habits or rituals?

I tend to book trips last minute and pack very light. I also like to explore the local art scene of the place I am visiting and meet local artists.

What is the best travel advice you have received?

Travel alone and travel slow, be open and get lost. Oh, and be sure to look after your feet!