• Chloe in Svalbard

A bit about Chloe

I work as a Marketing Assistant at NWS. My background is in the arts and I often combine my creative side with my love for the natural world, wildlife and travel… spending a lot of my free time painting and thinking about my next adventures!

Q & A With Chloe

Favourite destination and animal: I recently took a solo trip around Italy and absolutely loved it. Although, the variety of landscapes in Iceland was unlike anything I have experienced before so that is a close second! My favourite animal is a tiger
What is your first travel-related memory? Being in a boiling hot car driving through the rolling hills of Tuscany with my family, trying to stop my sister from climbing out of the car window
What is your most memorable wildlife encounter? Walking through the swampy marshes of the Everglades in the extreme humidity, seeing weird and wonderful insects, lizards and camouflaged alligators swimming through the waters. I remember being sat by a derelict building with my feet in the water, no one in sight and no sounds other than birds… watching something huge and dinosaur-like moving in the water a few metres away - a family of wild manatees!
If you could do just one NWS safari, which one would it be and why? So hard to pick just one but it’s got to be the Steve Winter tiger photography safari – I am really into wildlife photography and have been drawing and painting tigers for as long as I can remember. Getting the opportunity to track tigers in the wild would be incredible and India is just fascinating
What do you like doing outside of NWS? Anything creative – painting, drawing, photography. I also like to be outside in nature as much as possible - swimming in the sea, camping, hiking and taking spontaneous trips away
Why do you travel? To have new experiences, face new challenges, learn about new cultures and discover new ways of life
Aside from travelling, how do you maintain your connection to the natural world? By being outside as much as possible! Living in Brighton I am lucky to be able to swim in the sea or cycle along the seafront. I enjoy camping with the bare essentials and sleeping in my hammock… there is nothing quite like waking up outside to the sunrise and sound of birds! I also like to grow plants from seed and have a lot of houseplants
How many countries and continents have you visited? 16 countries and 2 continents 
Do you have any travel habits or rituals? I tend to book trips last minute and pack very light. I also like to explore the local art scene of the place I am visiting and meet local artists
What is the best travel advice you have received? Travel alone and travel slow, be open and get lost. Oh, and be sure to look after your feet! 

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